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The FACE - Nine Wealth Features

The Chinese holds strong beliefs that faces can show if you would be lucky or unlucky. The "mountains" and "rivers" of the face contribute to a representation of wealth and fortune for that person. H

The central axis of the face is an important indicator of a person's luck in life. Hence, when it appears to be balanced on both sides of the face, it is said that it is properly aligned for prosperity.


There are in total 9 wealth spots on the face.

First wealth spot

This is found on the forehead. It represents luck from heaven and is the first "mountain" on the face. The forehead, in Chinese beliefs, signifies the place taken by the heavenly celestial dragon. Finding and spotting a perfect forehead is a rarity. But it is observed that as long as the forehead protrudes and is prominent, good fortune would befall.

It is best that the forehead should be kept clear of blemishes, spots and pimples. Moles are unacceptable and should be removed, unless it is found in the centre of the forehead. A round, curved and protruding forehead - power, wealth and great authority

Second wealth spot

Heaven, earth and mankind, represents the triune luck. Man is located in the centre, between the eyes. This spot is also referred to as "life palace". It is recommended that this space should be clear, bright and luminous, portraying a life of good fortune, affluence and influence. Any moles or hair in this area would signify obstacles in life.

Third wealth spot

This is located on the nose. This spot represents the "yin", and is considered one of the rivers on the face. The rounder or fleshier the nose is, the wealthier and luckier the person would be. However, on the overall, the nose must have a balanced and smooth look. Like the other two wealth spots, any spots would represent obstacles that would come the person's way.

Fourth wealth spot

The fourth wealth spot is located below the nose and above the tip of the lips. If a person is blessed with the gift of the gab, there would be something that looks rounded and is protruded, on this fourth wealth spot. This is known as the phoenix pearl. The pearl is grouped together with clefts and dimples as beauty spots. It would bring good fortune to the person.

The Fifth wealth spot

This fifth wealth spot is located directly below the pearl. The mouth is considered the second river on the face. When it is soft and succulent, it is interpreted as auspicious. When it is dry, it would indicate a loss of luck. However, this can be rectified as, so long as it remains moist, luck will continue pouring in.

The Sixth wealth spot

The second mountain on the face - the chin is the next wealth spot. It also represents earth in the trinity of wealth. For luck to bless in droves, the chin should be protruding and prominent. A strong chin would suggest a long life filled with prosperity.

The Seventh wealth spot

The eyes represents the seventh wealth spot on the face. When the eyes are shining and are slightly moist, they would indicate great fortune. Shape, size and color is not significant, so as long as their vitality shines through, good fortune would be theirs.

Arched eyebrows, protecting the eyes would indicate that life is healthy and prosperous. A lack of eyebrows would indicate that the person would be unable to climb the ladder, to attain success.

The Eighth wealth spot

This is found on the cheekbones. This wealth spot would only be imminent when one enters the age of 21 which is Leemed by the Chinese as the year of maturity.
Prominent cheekbones, which are bright and shiny would indicate that great wealth would manifest in the person's life. It is best that the cheekbones does not look bony, they must always have flesh

The Ninth wealth feature

The last but equally important wealth spot would be the ears. Proportionate and well-formed ears would indicate fortune and wisdom.


A Malay traditional Psychic Healer, also known as a magician or a fortune teller. They are similar to what the West classifies as psychics. In the world, there are both an influx of good bomohs as well as bad ones. The good ones are focused on helping people and bringing benifit to all whom they come into contact with.


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