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Free Horoscope for AquariusAquarius
21 January - 19 February

"Aquarius, the Water Bearer"

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Duration: 21 January - 19 February (30 day span)
Ruling Planet: Uranus
Element: Air

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of zodiac.

Aquarius people are born between January 21 to February 19. The symbol of Aquarius is the water carrier, associated with Greek god Zeus. Aquarius is derived from the word aqua meaning water and water is something that nourishes the earth and gives it the unique distinction of being the only planet that can support life. The ruling planet of Aquarius is Uranus, which is sometimes associated with a baby emerging out of his mother’s womb. Uranus indicates the rebirth of new, unconventional awareness and the special role of each individual to further the level of that awareness. Both the symbol and the planet point to the special characteristics of Aquarius peoples—they are life giving, rejuvenating forces that add freshness and zing to all and the sundry.

aquarius horoscopeThe Sun in Aquarius represents Originality and humanitarianism.

Aquarius people are frank, gentle, refined, reclusive, meditative, dedicated, idealistic, sensitive, persevering clear, concise and logical, imaginative, intuitive, and practical. They are fiercely independent and resent the mass mentality of running with the crowd.

Though they are genial, magnetic, extrovert and helpful people, their interests and pursuits leave no scope for cultivating the type of friendship that may waste their precious time.

The life style of Aquarius peoples is unconventional. They are independent in both thought and actions. Aquarius people have a highly evolved and intuitive mind of a psychic and they have a Leep interest in the occult, the unknown, the supernatural, and astrology. Aquarius people, under the influence of Uranus remain obsessed with their experiences with the alternate options of thought and action. A conflict between the conventional wisdom at one extreme and the unconventional at the other often keeps the Aquarius people mind under stress. They love experimenting with new ideas and new technologies in order to explore alternative options of thinking and living. Aquarius people are top-notch scientists, doctors, engineers, inventors and discoverers.

There are two types of Aquarius people. One type is shy, withdrawn, quiet and patient; the other type is voluble, lively and pedantic. Contrary as they might be, both are strong willed with forceful personalities with strong convictions, a relentless search for truth, a breadth of vision, objectivity, honesty, openness to truth, readiness to learn.

Psychics believe that the true Age of Aquarius is about to dawn, which would bring in its wake a new spiritual awakening and also a vigorous new effort to synthesize the occult and the spiritual with scientific logic and rationalism.

Aquarius people keep dreaming and planning for the future. In fact, they are not very social and do not have many friends. Perhaps they do not have sufficient time for such social pursuits. However, once they cultivate friendship they become tenacious, sacrificial and faithful friends and lovers, but since they are highly intellectual and idealistic people, they may probably demand more from a friend than the person is in a position or is capable of giving.

The nature of Aquarius peoples pursuits being what it is, they tend to become fanatical and eccentric, absent minded, excessively detached, dogmatic, and retiring. Aquarius people can be heretical threats to the established conventions and beliefs and the very threat can prove boon for the humanity.

Aquarius people are open minded due to the very nature of their work, but continuous opposition from the society.

They often find it hard to let anyone into their lives; close emotional relationships for Aquarius people are much more difficult than for people born under any other sign. Closeness for them means modifying their lifestyle and tolerating an invasion of their privacy, both material and psychological, but when and if they do allow this to happen (they do have a strong romantic streak), they will be very committed and true.

Aquarius people can consult our astrologers and psychics at to get their horoscopes made so as to understand their real potential in unfolding new areas of knowledge. The charts of their horoscopes will reveal the extent of the energy bestowed upon them by the influence of Uranus and also the areas of knowledge, which they should explore considering their natural aptitude and potential. Psychic counseling can also help them understand the causes of their tension and how to cope with the pressures of work without feeling the stress, exhaustion, and any damage to health.

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