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24 September - 23 October

"Libra, the Scales"

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Duration: 24 September - 23 October (30 day span)
Ruling Planet: Venus
Element: Air

The ruling planet of Libra is Venus, named after the goddess of love and beauty. Next to the sun and moon, Venus, the Jewel of the Sky, is the brightest star in the firmament. Libra’s symbol is scale, a reminder of perfect balance. Libra is the only inanimate sign in the zodiac. All other symbols are either humans or animals.

Libra is considered the best zodiac sign. This is because it represents the best time of the year and the high point of all the seasons. Librans are considered to be beautiful, kind, balanced, civilized, elegant, and charming. They are gentle, and the connoisseurs of beautiful and artistic things. Above all they are always in harmony with themselves, their circumstances and with all their friends, colleagues and relatives.

Librans are very intelligent people and have an impartial, objective and balanced sense of judgment. They tend to ignore the challenging opinions once they have made their decisions. On the whole, Librans are cool, even-tempered and diplomatic people.

Librans are loving and affectionate spouses and tolerate even their personal discomfort to make their marriage a success. In case of conflict of opinion with their spouses, they try to pacify their partners in order to reach an understanding. They are trustworthy people and can successfully function as trustees and bankers. They maintain their optimism and zest for life even amidst adverse circumstances and succeed in bringing a turn-around in their situations.libra horoscope

Loving, cooperative and compassionate souls, as the Librans are, they try to accommodate every one’s needs even at the cost of their own comfort. They detest injustice and cruelty. Librans are endowed with keen observation and artistic temperament. They perform their duties with great care, integrity and honesty.

Librans are sacrificial people in their personal relationships and can go a long way in compromising even with the perceptibly unjust demands of their partners. They try to resolve the differences with peace and persuasion rather than argumentation. They are romantic people and have a healthy love for the opposite sex.

But Libras have their failings too. They can sometimes be light-hearted and shallow in their opinions. They are conventional, conservative, timid, sometimes lazy and least resistant to injustice. They tend to ignore the unjustified criticism of their opinions and conduct. Libran women tend to be extravagant and careless about their money and over pamper their children.

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