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Pet Psychic News Story – Pet Psychic Finds Lost Dog

A new story about how a pet psychic was able to find a lost dog is the latest phenomenon to hit the supernatural and psychic circle. Jaime Kalkowski lives in Springfield and always has her dog beside her. She treats her dog as her only child and has since been distraught since he has gone missing. Her hopes have been lifted by a pet psychic who said that her dog is still alive.
Sharon Pugh is a psychic medium from Georgia. She claims she is able to detect a lost dog’s energy and locate where the pet exactly is. She has given Jaime hopes that her psychic abilities will be able to help locate the dog. Sharon specializes in phone psychic readings.

KETV I reports that there is an abundance of pet psychics. The Internet is flooded with such ads promoting pet psychics and the Animal Planet has wholeheartedly embraced the existence of such an industry.

Plugh intimates that she uses her psychic abilities to locate lost pets. However she cannot guarantee that any lost pet can be located because she is limited only by the spirit that passes through her during a psychic session. She further says that the information she can give a pet owner is bound with what God, the Guardian Angels and her Spirit Guides allow her to give. These are the information her psychic abilities allow her to receive.

When asked about the situation of Jaime’s pet, Plugh’s psychic abilities reveal that the dog plunged into a body of water and was recovered by someone in a military uniform. She further reveals that the dog is still alive. This prediction has given Jaime a lot of hope of finally recovering her pet as she has already spent a fortune trying to locate her “child.”

This pet psychic news was lifted from “Pet-finding Psychics are Becoming a Thing”, posted at (, 25 May 2012.

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