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Credit Card Psychic Reading

Get an affordable and instant psychic reading from one of the best psychics in Australia.

For Credit Card Psychic Readings with one of our gifted Australian Psychics and Clairvoyants call our numbers below:


1800 732 337 $2.50* AUD/min

helpdesk 1800 222 362

1 888 22 22 338 $2.50* AUD/min


All Other Countries
0011 44 870 495 8019
$2.50* AUD /min

09 925 0444 $2.50* AUD/min or ($3.25 NZD approx)


0011 44 870 495 8019 $2.50* AUD/min


*15 minutes minimum $37.50 AUD.
UK, NZ and selected countries, mobiles higher call rate apply. Service Provider: Access Positive

The charges will appear in your credit card statement as:

Truepay or Access Positive, Subiaco

Two transactions may appear

1. First amount of $37.50 is for the first 15 minutes, minimum time.
2. Second amount for extra time
above 15 minutes charged at $2.50 AUD per minute.

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How a Psychic Reading Can Help With Your Career

Everyone has to work to make a living. Working through does not have to be all about making money to survive. Work also has to provide you with the self fulfillment you need and more importantly must be as stress-free as possible.  If you are uncomfortable with your present work, it may be time to shift careers. A career psychic reading can help you make the right decision.

Most people are unhappy about how their careers are turning out because unknowingly they are not in the right career. The right career is one that will not only give you the right compensation you deserve but one that will give you the satisfaction of exploiting your talents and putting them into good use. Psychics will be able to help you choose the right career that will bring out the best in you and thus give you total satisfaction and gratification.

Seeing a psychic can also help you find work. They will be able to help you determine if the approaches and techniques you are employing to find work is helping or blocking you from finding the work opportunities you need. If you are seeking a promotion or at risk of losing your job, a psychic can also help you analyze what the problem is and provide you with insights on how to reverse the situation.
With everything concerning your career, a psychic can lead you to the right direction. She will however not be able to predict the outcome of the direction you choose to take. It is entirely up to you to attract the opportunities.

You will not always like to hear what a good psychic has to say. You may have your own perception on what path you want to take and have sought a psychic to reinforce your decision. This will not be always the case.  The steps you need to take may not be easy but you will have a more gratifying career and life if you have a psychic to guide you along the way.


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