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Singapore Psychic Readings

Our Singaporean clients can now speak to our genuine psychic, clairvoyant, tarot reader, intuitive or medium. Please call (0011 44) 870 495 8019

$2.50 AUD per min, 15 minutes minimum $37.00. Credit Card Only

15 minutes minimum $37.50 AUD

Service Provider: Access Positive
Mobile and some country callers higher call rate apply



We welcome all clients from Singapore. All Singaporean clients can benefit from the insight and advice of Gifted Psychics, Clairvoyant and Tarot Card Reader.

Here at the psychic line, our psychics are waiting to talk to you. Some of the services offered by our psychics to our Singaporean clients:

Our qualified psychics provide their psychic services at any time of the day and anytime of the week, providing accurate life guidance, and also reflecting on the past and predicting the future.

The Psychics have been known to bring long term family feuds to an end, repairing relationships and alleviating the stress of the relationships to all time lows. Our psychics provide life guidance, assistance and advice on the best ways to handle specific situations.

A Singaporean Psychic Reading will enable you to find out what solutions can help a specific problem. Our Psychics can also help you organize your life, alleviating the more stressful parts of it by breaking them down slowly and more comfortably.

A Singaporean Psychic reading has brought families together and can also help in mending relationships. They are certified professionals and are able to provide psychic counselling to those who need it most.

Check out the profiles of our amazingly talented readers and select the psychic of your choice!

How Relevant are Psychics Today?

Some connects psychics and their ability with the old times. Some believe that psychics are not relevant anymore in this fast-paced world. But in reality, what psychics can do is more helpful today than ever.

Psychic ability is needed now more than ever is because everyone is living a very fast-paced life that they forget to sit down and really think of their problem and dealings until it is too big to handle. A psychic can see even the most hidden thoughts and feeling. He can surprise the seeker on what he can find. Sometimes the answers cannot be found in the living world anymore. It is important for seekers to have options and not just let time heal him. Psychics can heal anyone both physically and emotionally. This is not saying that people should bypass doctors but sometimes the healing needs to come from within.

Psychics can give good advices and insights. Admit it or not, people today are more ambitious. Most are risk-takers but some just want to be sure of what they are getting themselves into. Psychics have the ability to see someone’s personality and how he will succeed in life. A psychic can advise his seeker on what attitudes to retain and what to let go. A psychic ability also allows psychics to see the future. With this, they can give their seeker a whole new perspective. This perspective can help the seeker decide for the best as he has been given all side of the coin. He can now see all the possible consequences of his actions.

Psychics are being criticized everyday but this cannot remove the fact that they can help seekers see what they want to find. They can provide information that no books or school can teach. Sometimes all psychics need is a chance to prove that they are indeed relevant.


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