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Free Horoscope for GeminiGemini
22 May - 21 June

"Gemini, the Twins"

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Duration: 22 May - 21 June (31day span)
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Element: Air

Gemini is the third zodiac sign.

People born between May 22 to June21 are said to be Gemini’s. The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury, which takes just 88 days to complete the cycle of the zodiac. Mercury is considered to be the planet of childhood and youth- a youth which is attractive, graceful and vivacious. Mercury is also the God of trade and travel.

The Sun in Gemini represents mentality and versatility.

Going by their symbol, Gemini people are youthful, playful, charming, and zestful. Given their high energy level Gemini people are rarely lonely or melancholy. They have a very creative and inventive imagination.

The hallmark of Gemini’s is their excellent communication skills and expression. They can manipulate the language dexterously. They are mentally very agile and energetic, forever in search for wisdom and knowledge, whether superficial and short-lived, or, profound or long lasting from whatever source it may be available. Using their mental prowess, they can analyze any amount of information and churn out the cream of the facts to make their communication straightforward, logical, concise, convincing and effective. They have an innate ability to separate grains from the husk.

Gemini people are very loving and caring, in fact almost maternal to those who need their care, help and indulgence. They are very affectionate, courteous, compassionate, and generous and warm hearted.

Gemini people are versatile. Like their symbol, the twins who are known for dividing their time between earth and heaven, Gemini’s can in one moment contemplate the abstracts of the spirit and in the other return to the practical necessities of life on earth. No job is too difficult for Gemini people. They can utilize and match the theoretical knowledge with practical skills and can see both sides of the coin before arriving at a decision. They can easily adapt themselves to any new situation and manage to control it by their intelligence and ingenuity. In fact, Gemini people love intellectual challenges.

horoscope geminiBecause of their versatile skills, the Gemini people usually become successful diplomats, debaters, orators, preachers, teachers, authors, journalists, poets, lawyers, and public relations specialists.

They can also become good scientists, doctors and engineers because of their analytical, rational and logical abilities. Gemini people prove to be good psychic researchers and they can also excel in the fields of arts such as music, painting, and sculpture.

As said, Mercury is also the God of trade and travel. As a natural consequence, traveling is in the blood of Gemini people. Their love for travel enriches their experience and their constant interaction with people of varied background enables them to become successful traders.

A basic understanding of their nature, abilities and traits can help Gemini people to harness their qualities to lead a more successful and enriching life on earth and also to achieve a higher level of spiritual growth for transcending the world of the ordinary. Our expert psychics and psychic astrologers at can prepare your horoscope and provide psychic counseling you on utilizing your capabilities in a more resourceful manner for your individual benefit and for the greater good of the society. Our astrologers prepare horoscopes for individual needs and problems based upon your date and time of birth and the position of the planets. Our psychic experts use various tools like numerology and astrology to accurately pinpoint the causes of your failures in your personal relationships involving love, friendships, business and much more. Their accurate predictions can make a difference in your life.

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