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Free Horoscope for Scorpio Scorpio
24 October - 22 November

"Scorpio, the Scorpion or the Eagle"

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Duration: 24 October - 22 November (30 day span)
Ruling Planet: Pluto
Element: Water

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac.

Scorpios are born between October 24 to November 22.The ruling planet of Scorpio is Pluto and its symbol is the nocturnal scorpion that soared up to heaven and assaulted Orion. Pluto plays an important role in bringing about many revolutionary changes in the life of Scorpios. The changes, rather upheavals, can be of monumental importance invarious spheres of a Scorpio’s life-- personal, social, political or business culminating sometimes in his spiritual evolution. Each change from one sphere to another can be a land mark development. Pluto takes 248 years to complete the cycle of the zodiac. In the long and slow journey, it casts its powerful spell on its subjects as it moves along its orbit. It continues to exercise its impact on the lives of its subjects for generations, birth after birth. Its movement, long, slow as it is, heralds a sure process of evolution in the life of Scorpios.

The Sun in Scorpio represents Secrecy and regeneration.

Scorpios are the most powerful, energetic and intense personalities in zodiac. They may outwardly appear calm, self-controlled or even pleasant, but, within, they are volcanoes of intense emotional energy.

When their energies are unleashed, they cause stormy upheavals whether for better or worse. The Scorpio plays a new role with different goals, morals and ideals in every next phase of his life. The influence of Pluto assists the Scorpios to identify their new roles, which become the raison de etre of their life. Pluto’s energy elevates Scorpios to higher levels of awareness in their chosen spheres of interest. Scorpios ruthlessly wipe off any hindrance that comes in their path towards the achievement of their goals.

Scorpios’ energies may take a destructive route too, though this destruction may, sometimes, prove to be a prerequisite for a new construction for the better. scorpio horoscope

The fundamental premise about Scorpios is that they are the reservoirs of restless energy raring to burst at their seams, or just trying to shoot up towards higher levels. The horoscope of a Scorpio with Pluto in the natal chart may reveal the true implications of its influence: a Scorpio is intense, powerful and revolutionary.

A Scorpio has keen, watchful, irresistible and hypnotic eyes, which appear to pierce through the heart and find the truth within it. A Scorpio is a man of extreme likes and dislikes. He is stubbornly outspoken and may make life long enemies.

Scorpios are passionate lovers. They, may, however, release their intense and powerful sexual urges into many creative channels like competitive sports or other fields of their business and social activities. Intensity is the hallmark of Scorpios.

The downside of Scorpio’s traits is that they can be very jealous personalities. This weakness may at times affect their relationships not only with their close colleagues and friends, but may also sweep almost every people who are better placed in any field, whether business, arts, health, beauty and general accomplishments. A Scorpio can be possessive, obstinate, compulsive, arrogant, volatile, indolent, self-indulgent, secretive and resentful to the extreme.

An expert psychic counseling and an astrological horoscope detailing the possibilities of his potential can spur a Scorpio to convert his failings into positive virtues and outdo himself and others in a constructive manner. A determined and truly inspired Scorpio can exceed all limits and benchmarks of excellence.

Our psychics and astrologers at can help deal with the negative traits and provide remedies that will not only help you lead a more peaceful and balanced life but also propel you to reach a higher level of spiritual growth. They can also create your horoscope based on your zodiac sign and predict important events in your life.

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