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psychic medium exploits their abilities to be able to penetrate higher realms and communicate with people who have passed on. Mediums have the ability to receive messages from spirits, angels and spirit guides. Some mediums are able to speak with spirits. Some mediums need to go through spirit guides to be able to communicate with those from the spirit world. Each medium has unique talents and abilities.

Most mediums suggest that the best time to talk to a dead loved one is six months after the death. Six months gives you more than enough time to clear your mind so you can determine the qualifications of a medium before you spend any money. Communicating with a dead loved one at the right time will assure a healing experience. If you talk to a dead loved when the time is not yet right may refresh your grief. Universal Realm

Psychic Readings through a Medium Reader

Psychic readings are done by our own Psychic Medium Readers . Mediums go into trance like state, his/her body and consciousness go in contact with the spirits.

If you would like a psychic medium reading with an experienced psychic medium at Psychic Readings we have several mediums available. Each of the following mediums have been through a psychic medium test:

When to Consult a Psychic Medium

You can seek the help of a medium when you feel your deceased loved one is trying to reach out or communicate with you. Your deceased loved one may be sending you messages through signs which remind you of him. Sometimes you may want to talk to a deceased loved one because you need an answer that only he knows. A medium can help you figure out the message of your deceased loved one. A talented medium can use his extraordinary connection with the spirits to help you with your questions.

psychic medium can only speak with the dead if the spirit is willing to communicate with her. A medium cannot force the spirit to communicate with her.

There is a big difference between seeing a psychic and seeing a medium. Seek a medium only when you like to talk to a deceased loved one. Seek a psychic when you want advice on the right paths you need to take. Do not confuse a medium from a psychic. A medium and a psychic have different skills and talents. When you need to establish some form of closure with a dead loved one you should consult a medium.

Mediums do not use any astrological tools to do their job. A medium instantly connects with the energy around and start giving you messages from the spirits. Mediums will never ask you questions you need answers to. Some mediums will ask for objects connected with the deceased person you wish to communicate with. Each reading is different. If you are with a medium your deceased loved one may tell you everything you like to know.

Psychics are not able to connect with your deceased loved ones the same way mediums are able to. Only mediums can establish direct communication with the dead. The skill of a medium is special and rare. A medium has the gifts of a usual psychic as well as the gift to be able to connect with those who have already died. A medium can also give psychic readings. A medium can also communicate with spirit guides and guardian angels.

A reading you will get from a medium is different from what you will get from a psychic. A psychic medium can make it possible for you to get advice from guardian angels and spirit guides.

The Different Ways Mediums Talk to Spirits

Mediums are types of psychics. They specialize in communicating with other entities and they can do it in various ways. Depending on the need of the seeker and the kind of entity the psychic medium is dealing, they choose the right way to communicate. Before visiting a psychic medium, it is also best for seekers to know the different types of mediumship as some can be uncomfortable and a little bit overwhelming.

First is trance mediumship

In trance mediumship, the psychic medium will go to the state of unconsciousness. When the psychic medium is unconscious, his body turns to the perfect vessel for the entity. This is a very dangerous act as the psychic medium’s physical body is very vulnerable. One wrong move and the entity can completely take over. This type of mediumship can be scary especially for first-time seekers as there is great chance that they will hear the voice of other entities and will be able to talk to them face to face.

Second is mental mediumship

This is the type of mediumship where psychic mediums use their minds to communicate. For seekers, this is more subtle than the trance mediumship. Psychic mediums try to gain information from other entities through their minds. As said, mediums are psychics which mean they also have the ability of the inner sense. This ability allows them to sense other entities and know what they want. Mental mediumship can also be used to send messages to other entities. Having the proper means of communication lessens the tension between the living and the other entities.

Third is direct voice

With direct voice mediumship, psychic mediums talk to other entities with their speaking voice and not with their minds. The voice of the entity can also be audible to seekers through an electronic device for paranormal activities. Psychics normally use their inner sense to communicate and gain information, being a medium elevates it that allows them to talk to entities like a living being. The challenge here is the aloofness of the entities and elementals. Trying to make a conversation may require more effort since they will be connecting through the physical senses.

Psychic mediums mastered their ability for many years

Communicating with entities, elementals, spirits, and departed souls is something that should be taken seriously. There are many things that can go wrong which may put the life of the psychic or the seeker at risk. Psychic mediums mastered their ability for many years. It is given that together with the good spirits are the negative ones. Communicating with other entities is one thing and blocking out negative ones is another. Dealing with those that cannot be seen can be dangerous especially because every entity is different from one another. The ability of psychic mediums is not only a gift to the bearer but also to everyone that surrounds them. Communicating with other entities is not something to be afraid of. Humans should look at it as an opportunity to make a harmonious living environment for them and the others that coexist with them.


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