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What is a medium? And what differentiates a psychic medium from other psychic abilities?  Many of us may have already heard about the exploits of a couple of famous mediums in history, but the problem is that most don’t actually know what mediumship truly means. Let’s briefly discuss what mediumship is all about, and are the skills or abilities of a psychic medium.

A psychic medium, as the term suggest, facilitates communication, not between two human individuals or groups, but between human beings and the entities of the astral world. Psychic mediums are, therefore, also called channels. The entities, with which they communicate, may be spirits, ghosts, angels or spirit guides.

Most people, however, wish to communicate with the spirits of their recently dead loved ones especially those who die a sudden and sometimes painful death at young age. They obviously feel concerned about them and wish to know how they felt at the time of death and also where they are now and how they feel.

A psychic medium is a person who acts as a channel of communication between the seeker of the truth and the angel or the spirit that provides the truth. The process of communication takes place when the psychic medium goes into trance, which is either self-induced or some other expert psychic induces it. The spirit, which communicates through the medium, is either the guiding spirit of the medium himself or of the seeker client.

It must be borne in mind that the dismemberment of the human body, which we call death, is not the end of life in this world. The human body, when alive envelops a spirit, which after the death of the man goes into the astral world. Other spirits and angels inhabit this world also. Some of these kindly spirits are powerful divine entities or energies that provide guidance and solace to the human beings in this world.

There may be similar other questions, for example, what kind of world they are living in; do they remember their family members, spouses, kids and pets? Do they have any messages for those in this world?

The sudden and tragic death of loved ones tends to make some people more philosophical about the larger questions of life and death. They wish to know answers to some of the perturbing questions that crop up on such occasions.

For example, what is death? Is it the dismemberment of the elements that constitute a human body? What is it that keeps a person alive? Where does it go after a person dies?

And since the conventional wisdom does not provide satisfactory answers or explanations, they turn to psychics- psychic mediums or channels.

How do the psychic mediums communicate with the spirits?

This world of spirits exists all around us. The psychic has special prowess to contact these spirits. The process involved is like tuning into the frequencies or vibrations of the radio waves.

What happens is that when a seeker client tell his problems to the psychic medium, the latter’s thoughts get permeated with problems of the former and the same thought vibrations, because of the correct frequency attunement, reach the guiding spirit. That spirit, in turn, takes possession of the body and the consciousness of the medium and answers the questions or suggests the remedies. The body of the medium may speak for the spirit, or it may also move, talk or make gestures like the normal human beings do. 

There are several ways psychic mediums set up communication channels between the people on this world with those in the spiritual plane. Here are three popular ways psychics act as mediums.

1. Séance through Ouija boards

Also generally called a talking board, an Ouija board is made of wood or plastic. It  comes with an accessory called planchette, which the psychic medium holding séance moves with their fingers over the  digits, letters, symbols, words and pictures painted on the board.

It is believed that although apparently the psychic medium moves the planchette, it is actually moved by the spirit under communication. As the planchette moves over the symbols, the psychic medium makes out-reads- the words and sentences which form messages from the spirit in response to the questions of the clients.


Trance is a sleep like state which is induced by the psychics in their companions called mediums. It can also be self-induced.  As soon as the psychic medium enters the state of trance, they view the spirit of the dead person. They speak out the questions asked by the clients and also repeat the answers provided by it. The whole process remains ‘live’ and in the presence of the clients or the general public.

Sometimes the psychic mediums also evoke their spirit guides, higher spirits, angels and seek answers or guidance on questions asked by the clients. Most mediums cannot recollect their interactions with the spirits after they ‘return’ to this world.

This kind of sleeping trance has, of late, been replaced by what may be called wakeful trance. The psychics invite questions from the clients most often written on slips of paper, read them out to the spirits and speak out the replies received from them.

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Edgar Cayce was a star psychic medium, though there are many others too in his tradition. As a psychic medium, he could diagnose complicated and challenging medical conditions and prescribe startlingly simple, yet efficacious remedies to the bewilderment of the medical experts.

A psychic medium can convince any skeptic beyond doubt about the existence of the spirits and also his own skill in contacting them. The spirits, in some cases, reveal intimate information about the client seekers, which is known only to them. This goes a long way in establishing the trust and rapport between the seeker, the psychic medium and the guiding spirit. 

Mediums Communicate With The Spirit World

Traditionally, psychic mediums are people who have the ability to communicate with spirits, as well as with the dead. Mediums generally obtain messages from the spirit realm or world in a variety of ways. Some mediums receive or get “intuitive” information, wherein random images often appear as mental impressions which are then relayed along to the living person. In some occasions, psychic mediums also could hear actual messages or words from spirits, while others can see the actual images of these messages.

Mediums Serve As Intermediaries Between The Living and The Supernatural World
Psychic mediums are also play major roles such as intermediaries between the living, and the supernatural or spiritual realm. This is because they have the ability to listen, see and relay messages from spirits, and they too can allow the spirit to take partial or full control of their body, as well as speak through them by using what’s referred to as “automatic writing or drawing”. Psychic mediums are also noted to have the ability to produce the materialization of spirits, and they also have the ability to go into a trance, where they allow or permit the spirit to control their mind. Another way mediums communicate with spirits is through “direct voice” mediumship. This is where psychics talk to spirits and other entities through their speaking voice, for which some mediums use certain electronic devices to allow the living to hear the spirit’s words.

How To Find A Reputable Psychic Medium

If you plan to consult, or work with a psychic medium, here are a number of helpful ideas on how to find a reputable one in your community.  First, get referrals or recommendations from close friends, family members, relatives and even co-workers. If they however, could not recommend one to you, then it would be best to find legitimate mediums in online psychic forums, reviews or message boards. You could also find a good psychic medium if you drop by the local Spiritualist Church, as well as if you visit the psychic exhibits and fairs in your city or town.  And although the local Spiritualist church does not normally advertise or promote certain mediums or psychics, the good thing is that you will be able to get a good feel of the psychic’s skill set, and his or her reputation.   

When searching for a reputable psychic medium, always be on the lookout for scammers and con artists. You will know if you find a bad one, because the rotten ones will often loudly claim or assert that they have the ability to create “magical potions”, and they too would have no qualms in charging their customers with unreasonable rates. Thus, before you agree to  a certain medium’s services, always make sure you first do your homework, so that you’ll get your money’s worth, and you’ll also be able to communicate with spirits, for real.  


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