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Edgar Cayce: An American psychic

Edward Cayce was one of America's famous male psychics fondly nicknamed “the sleeping prophet”, and was renowned for his trance readings where he diagnosed illnesses and prescribed the remedy.

He practiced absent healing for forty three years, curing people from all over the globe. Oddly enough, he never went further than grammar school, and never studied any form of medicine. But his psychic unconscious mind allowed him to prescribe remedies for the illnesses he uncovered while in his trance.

Edward Cayce psychic at 21

Edward Cayce was born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky on the 18th of March, 1877, possessing psychic powers since an early age. His powers only came into full swing when he was twenty one and working as a salesman. He encountered medical injuries that made him incapable of continuing his work as a salesman. It was then he enlisted the help of a hypnotist who provided a temporary relief for his medical condition. In his state of hypnosis, Cayce was asked to describe his cause of affliction and a cure, and by the end of the session, his voice had been cleared.

Thus began his journey of psychic curing. This lead thousands and thousands of people fleeing to him in search of cures, despite the absence of a medical degree. His psychic powers were so great that he didn’t have to physically see someone, he merely put himself into a trance and told the people what he saw was wrong with them, providing a cure as well.

In 1943, Edward Cayce’s biography There is a River, was published, encouraging thousands more to seek his help. August 1944 saw his collapse from exhaustion, and even his own readings warned him to ease up, and thus lead him to retreat for a while to regain his strength. On January 1st 1945 he told his friends he would be healed by the 5th of January, and on that day he died peacefully in his sleep.


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