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Free Horoscope for Leo Leo
24 July - 23 August

"Leo, the Lion"

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Duration: 24 July - 23 August (31 day span)
Ruling Planet: Sun
Element: Fire

Leo is the fifth sign of Zodiac.

Leos are born between the period of July 23 to August 22. The ruling planet of Leo is Sun, which in the natal chart of Leo’s horoscope determines the nature and the kind of life Leos are likely to lead. The position of the sun in the natal chart of a Leo determines the traits of his nature, especially the strengths and weaknesses of his character. The sun and lion both imbue the Leos with vitality and brightness that illumine and enliven the environment in which they live and work. Leos tend to burst with an impatient energy to succeed and dominate.

The Sun in Leo represents vitality and authority.

Leos are the most spontaneous, creative and extrovert people of the zodiacal characters. Like the lion in the forest, a Leo likes to be a monarch of all he surveys. Leos are usually iron-willed, courageous, independent, impetuous and strong people. They are born with the qualities of leadership. They are masculine, charismatic personalities and soon take command of the situation. They can elicit loyalty and faith from their followers. They are straightforward people who know their minds and can communicate their intentions without any ambiguity to their followers. Leos meteorically rise to the top positions. Like their symbol, Leos are lion-hearted, and are undaunted by difficulties. In fact, they can create opportunities even in adversity.

Leos are sincere, kind, open and warm-hearted, plain speaking people who trust their companions easily. On the flip side, they are not generally good judges of character and are easily taken in by flattery. They are inclined to repose more faith in some of their followers than they deserve and consequently they are quite often disappointed and disillusioned.

horoscope leoOn the negative side, Leos can be very egoistic and can display immoderate arrogance, jealousy, and insolence. Failure, in life is a part of the game. Leos, if faced with failure can go into a shell and get hurt. Lack of fulfillment of objectives in personal or professional life sometimes ruins the careers and personalities of Leos. This is mainly because Leos as a rule are egoistic and arrogant. A person given to domination takes his defeat as an affront to his ego and caliber and is therefore likely to lose his peace and balance of mind.

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