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Pet psychic consists of all areas of the psychic experience that relate to animals. You may have found your way here because your pet dog has gone missing, or you want to communicate with your race horse or simply because you have noticed some strange animal behaviour. Here at Psychic Readings we can provide you with advice, assistance and answers in all these areas.

Talk to the Animals

Animals have the ability to communicate with their environment, with a person, or with another animal, through unidentified or unexplained channels.

Pets, like humans, have problems too and if you are a pet owner, you can understand what it feels like when your pet has a problem and the vet can do nothing about it. As an animal lover, you will tend to empathize with pets and try to understand what goes on in their minds and the curiosity will become all the more acute when they fall ill and cannot express their pain and suffering. It can become extremely frustrating when you find yourself in a position when you are unable to prevent their suffering or understand what they are trying to convey when they look up at you with those innocent eyes.

The first step that you usually take when your pet shows strange behaviour or falls ill is to take it to the vet. But some pets may not respond to the vet’s efforts. All is not in vain for you can try the services of a pet psychic. A pet psychic is a specialist who  possesses an ability to communicate by ‘talking’ successfully with the animal and can understand its feelings, emotions, jealousies, its likes and dislikes, besides what actually is the cause of its distress. In other words, the pet psychics use their spiritual energy to understand what even the vet could not diagnose. Once the problem is located and diagnosed, the treatment becomes easy.

Pet psychics believe, that like human beings, pets also follow the cycle of birth after death like the proverbial cat having nine lives. One of the best known pet psychics, Joan Ranquet-Jenkins was invited to ‘talk’ to the horses at Kentucky Derby in the US in 1993. Another popular pet psychic, Sonya Fitzpatrick, has written books on this subject. One of her well-known books is ‘What the Animals Tell Me’ in which she propounds a theory that even animals are spiritual beings and they can reincarnate. Such claims, of course, have not been scientifically substantiated. Yet, psychic energy goes beyond what we consider rational.

One thing that lends credence to the claims of the pet psychics is that, besides communing through their sixth sense, they have studied and understood the animal behaviour quite closely and, over time, developed the art of dealing with them with that extra care and compassion which evokes positive response from the pets.

Dog Psychic

A dog psychic is not only an expert on the psychic or psychological side of the dog’s problems - quite often he or she can trace the causes to physiological imbalances too.

Cat Psychic

Cat psychics have found out why certain cats urinate on the bed sheets or defecate where they should not. They communicate with them and find out that, for example, the cat’s bed has been shifted to a place it does not like.

Animal Psychic

He/she can sense, listen or even visually see, from the animal’s perspective, what it is trying to communicate through its strange gestures, and translate its messages into human language.

Lost Pet

Losing your pet can be very distressing. Many regard their pets as another member of the family. Our pet psychics are available to help you find your lost pet. We have had several cases of people losing their pets and turning to a psychic for assistance. There have been many successful stories of reuniting families with their beloved cat or dog.

Pet Horoscope

Read your pets horoscope and find out more about their emotions and the effect astrology has on them. Like humans, pets are also affected by the gravitaional forces of our planets, please read their pet horoscope, to become more in tune with your pet.

Pet Psychic Legitimate

A pet psychic can legitimately empathize with the animal in its own voice, thoughts and body language. She can communicate with it telepathically so that the animal opens up its mind about the pain or the uneasiness it is going through.

The Pet Psychic News Room

Read the amazing pet psychic news stories of pets and animals from around the world.

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