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The ability for pets to perceive future events is often known as petor animal psychic precognition.

Many pet owners may be familiar with one aspect of this phenomenon. Typically, a dog whose master has been away suddenly becomes excited and hurries to the front door or gate; shortly thereafter, the master unexpectedly arrives home.

Pet psychic is the ability of an animal to communicate with its environment, with a person, or with another animal, which seems to occur through unidentified or unexplained channels.

Just as extraordinary are stories of animals psychic behavior that appears to foretell danger. Animals have been credited with predicting – through strange and erratic behavior – earthquakes, avalanches, cyclones, even volcanic eruptions.

For example, in 1963, hours before an earthquake destroyed much of Skoplje, Yugoslavia, animals at the zoo went wild; roaring, pacing their cages or charging the bars. And in parts of China, animals are considered to be potential earthquake predictors.

Real Life Animal Psychic News Stories

We have collected news stories from around the globe that show evidence of the animal psychic phenomenon. Read these amazing stories and discover accurate accounts of the psychic force at work in the animal kingdom.

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