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Free Horoscope for Sagittarius Sagittarius
23 November - 21 December

"Sagittarius, the Archer"

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Duration: 23 November - 21 December (30 day span)
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac.

Sagittarians are born between November 23 to December 21. Its symbol is Centaur, which represents the dual nature of Sagittarius. A Sagittarian has the powerful brain of an intellectual and the physical strength of a horse. The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and it is considered to generate expansiveness in the positive traits of optimism, love for freedom and also charity.

The Sun in Sagittarius represents Freedom-loving and exploration.

Sagittarians have a high sense of freedom and resent any limitations of any kind. In addition, they have a great passion for philosophy, religion and justice. They love challenges and risks. Since Sagittarians are enthusiastic and enterprising people, they love to take up new business adventures. They are eager to research, understand, and adopt new concepts for their projects. Being open-minded they are always ready to learn from their colleagues. They are good organizers and make the best of the available resources.

Sagittarians are enthusiastic, ambitious, optimistic, enterprising, energetic, versatile, adventurous people with a highly positive outlook toward life. They are outgoing, explorative and ready to learn. Failures do not dampen their zeal. They are idealistic, honest, honorable, trustworthy, generous, sincere and passionate about justice. A Sagittarian is always ready to help people in distress.

Sagittarians are averse to baser instincts like jealousy and possessiveness for these go against their spirit of independence. They can even go the extent of divorcing their spouse if only to maintain and defend their freedom of thought and action. They try to maintain a balance between their loyalty to their spouse and their personal independence. They are generally loyal spouses who take great care of their children. Yet, their restlessness and innate love for freedom and adventure sometimes comes in the way of fulfilling their marriage vows and they may want to opt out to explore new pastures of business and financial achievements. In this respect, women Sagittarians too are like their male counterparts. When faced with a choice of career and marital bliss, they prefer the former and go for better independent financial prospects.

saggittarius horoscopeSagittarians are born teachers, scholars and philosophers and love to expound on law, religion, morals and philosophy. These traits make them successful priests and mentors. Their love for search and exploration make them good scientists. They are good orators and have a keen interest in law, politics, public service, administration and public relations and advertising. They love to travel and therefore they seek jobs that involve traveling. They also love cars and aircraft as instruments of travel and adventure

Sagittarians can be harsh and outspoken with their adversaries, but they are generous in forgiving them too.

On the flip side Sagittarians are impatient, short-tempered, and at times inconsiderate at their work places. This weakness may have to do with their enterprising nature that expects quick results in executing their business plans. In this respect they are very exacting and hard taskmasters and can be unforgiving if work is not to their satisfaction.

The negative qualities can cause problems in relations or otherwise. They need to be worked at with discipline and self-control. Yet to do so, people need a sense of direction. We at can provide the right guidance to improve the quality of your life and achieve a higher sense of spiritual level. Our astrologers can prepare your horoscope and predict events (both major and minor) based on your zodiac sign.

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