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Love Horoscope Compatibility ScorpioAquarius

24th October - 22nd November
Scorpio Love Horoscope

Mostly compatible with:

A 50-50 chance with:

- Scorpio and Pisces
- Scorpio and Cancer
- Scorpio and Gemini
- Scorpio and Aries

Can be good with:

Doubtful with:

- Scorpio and Sagittarius
- Scorpio and Capricorn
- Scorpio and Virgo
- Scorpio and Libra
- Scorpio and Aquarius
- Scorpio and Taurus
- Scorpio and Leo
-Scorpio and Scorpio

Famous Scorpio

- Kevin Kline - 24 October 1947
- Pablo Picasso - 25 October 1881
- Helen Ready - 25 October 1941
- Hillary R. Clinton - 26 October 1947
- Jaclyn Smith - 26 October 1947
- Theodore Roosevelt - 27 October 1857
- Kate Jackson - 28 October 1949
- Bill Gates - 28 October 1955
- Winona Ryder - 29 October 1971
- Roseanne Arnold- 3 November 1952
- Sally Field - 6 November 1946
- Katherine Hepburn - 8 November 1907
- Jonathan Winters - 11 November 1925
- Demi Moore - 11 November 1962
- Prince Charles - 14 November 1948
- Adam Ant - 3 November 1954

Love Compatibility Scorpio

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The following is the detailed comparative analysis of the compatibility status of Scorpio with other signs.

Ruling planet: Pluto, Zodiac sign: Scorpion

Salient traits of a Scorpio personality

Reclusive, proud, quiet, secretive, intense, passionate, shy, self-analytical, judicious, philosophical, retaliates only if attacked

Scorpio and Aries

While Scorpio is reclusive, quiet and subdued, Aries is loud, aggressive, boisterous, demonstrative and over-bearing. But both are strong, intense and passionate people. They hit hard when assaulted even unintentionally by anyone. Intensity and passion are the common traits that keep them bonded.This relation can work only when both the signs maintain a positive attitude. The independent and fiery attitude of Aries can adversely affect the sensitive nature of Scorpio.

Scorpio and Cancer

They are highly compatible with each other. The dominating nature of Scorpio provides a sense of security to Cancer. Scorpio and Cancer have lot to attract and bond with each other. Both love to stay at their places especially their homes and families. They set their goals and do everything to achieve them. There are some temperamental differences as well which   can be resolved since both are serious about maintaining their relationships.

Scorpio and Leo

Both Scorpio and Leo are proud, strong, self-willed and determined people. But while Scorpio loves quiet, undisturbed, peaceful surroundings away from lime light, Leo is flamboyant, showy and loves publicity. The strength of character may become a bone of discordance between the two.The relationship between these two signs starts on a beautiful note but gradually fizzles out. Leo is unable to deal with the possessive nature of Scorpio.

Scorpio and Gemini

Gemini is lighthearted and social while Scorpio tends to be passionate, inflexible and demanding. So, there is not much compatibility between the two signs. The two are vastly different souls. While Scorpio is quiet, serious, lonesome, contemplative, almost non-sociable, Gemini is fun loving, gregarious, mobile, communicative and ready to burst into peals of laughter. Scorpio is known for intensity and passion in their relationships; Gemini does not get emotionally involved and takes them quite lightly.

Scorpio and Taurus

Both signs share the common values of honesty and transparency however Taurus is possessive and is unlikely to give enough space to Scorpio and so the union is not likely to be very smooth. Both Scorpio and Taurus are quiet, peace loving, gentle, strong-willed, passionate, hardworking and reliable. But while Scorpio is quick to respond to any provocation, Taurus does not move unless stretched beyond a point. Both need to learn to adjust gracefully with each other in order to live peacefully and harmoniously.

Scorpio and Sagittarius

Scorpio’s dominant trait will be in direct conflict with Sagittarius need for freedom so this is not a good match. The difference between the natures of Scorpio and Sagittarius often get pronounced. While Scorpio’s feelings are marked by depth and intensity, Sagittarians are light hearted and almost flirtatious. While Scorpios insist upon exclusive control over their partners, Sagittarius loves freedom, partying and socializing. Both need to be exceedingly generous and accommodative to each other’s emotional needs.

Scorpio and Virgo

They have too many conflicting traits and are likely to get on each others nerves so this is not a very successful match. Scorpio and Virgo can go a long way together as both of them are pragmatic, introspective and analytical. But while Scorpio faces challenges head-on, Virgo is guarded and watchful, a trait that Scorpio considers cowardice. Nonetheless, both wish to fight out in their own ways and that is the rallying point.

Scorpio and Libra

Scorpio is a bit possessive and jealous by nature and at times can be quite unforgiving. Libra, on the other hand, is carefree and easy going and so chances of clashes are high. Scorpio and Libra need to make some adjustments to harmonize with each other. While Scorpio is emotionally intense and stubborn, Libra is balanced, rational and moderate, a habit that may irritate Scorpio. Libras are known to maintain some level of individuality even in marital relations.

Scorpio and Pisces

These two stars are compatible with each other and so a relationship between them will be a successful one. In fact, both are naturally attracted towards each other. Pisces are well equipped to deal with the possessive nature of Scorpio. Scorpio and Pisces can share a comfortable relationship with minor compromises on their preferences. Scorpio being an intensely emotional person is likely to deal rashly with Pisces, but the latter being gentle and understanding can forgive and forget such emotional outbursts. Nonetheless, Scorpio, too, must not cross limits and strain the relationship too far.

Scorpio and Capricorn

This union is likely to be successful in all aspects. These two work well as a team - Scorpio is more inventive and Capricorn has the stamina to work for long number of hours. Both Scorpio and Capricorn are focussed on their goals and strive hard to realize them. But while Capricorn’s approach is cautious, objective and practical marked by little steps, Scorpios’ is guided by strong emotions, passion and big leaps. Scorpio’s love for Capricorn is characterized by emotional intensity and depth, but Capricorn is a little detached and realistic.

Scorpio and Aquarius

They are not very compatible but can make a relationship work of they try to sort out their conflicting traits. There is quite a gap between the natures of Scorpio and Aquarius that needs to be bridged for a lasting and harmonious relationship. While Aquarius is helpful and generous towards almost everyone, Scorpio is selective and biased in offering their charity. Also Aquarius is emotionally detached and rational, but Scorpio is intense, stubborn and headstrong.

Scorpio and Scorpio

Scorpio is dominant by nature and so there are high chances of head on clash. They are not very compatible with each other for a successful relationship. Relationship between Scorpio and Scorpio is marked by strong emotional intensity, attraction and attachment for each other which is a positive sign for an enjoyable and sustainable marital relationship. But these very traits may, sometimes, lead to ferocious fights and happy reunions too.

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