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Love Horoscope Compatibility LeoAquarius

24th July - 23rd August
Leo Love Horoscope

Mostly compatible with:

A 50-50 chance with:

- Leo and Sagittarius
- Leo and Aries
- Leo and Capricorn
- Leo and Pisces
- Leo and Leo

Can be good with:

Doubtful with:

- Leo and Virgo
- Leo and Cancer
- Leo and Libra
- Leo and Gemini
- Leo and Taurus
- Leo and Aquarius
- Leo and Scorpio

Famous Leo

- Daniel Jones – July 22, 1973
- Daniel Radcliffe – 23 July, 1989
- Jennifer Lopez, 24 July, 1970
- Mick Jagger- July 26, 1943
- Triple H – July 27, 1969
- Arnold Schwarzenegger – July 30, 1947
- Lisa Kudrow- July 30, 1963
- Charlize Theron- August 7, 1975
- Halle Berry - August 14, 1968
- Madonna - August 16, 1958
- Fred Durst - 21 August, 1971

Love Compatibility Leo

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The following is the detailed comparative analysis of the compatibility status of Leo with other signs.

Ruling planet: Sun   Zodiac sign: Lion

Some salient traits of a Leo personality

A typical Leo is a self-conscious, over-bearing, grandiose, passionate, energetic, and sensitive. They are also possessive, protective, sincere, caring and generally have a generous personality. They can charm anyone by these very traits, and yet hit hard if anyone dares to cross their path.

Leo and Aries

They share a level of compatibility. Even though both signs are passionate and fiery they can sort out their conflicts with mutual understanding.Both Leo and Aries are fire signs. They are strong willed, proud, self-loving and independent personalities. While this commonality of traits can help them understand and appreciate each other better, there can also be frequent clashes. It is better to work like co-pilots rather than force the other to take back seat.

Leo and Taurus

Both Leo and Taurus are full of energy, but while Leo is fiery, romantic and restless, Taurus is practical, committed, hardworking, calm, patient, understanding and down to earth. Leo and Taurus can, therefore, prove an excellent and reliable combination. But Leos should not stretch Taurus’s patience beyond limit. Although, they might be attracted to each, in the long run their relationship is unlikely to be successful. Both signs can be very stubborn and if one doesn’t yield to the other, problems are bound to arise.

Leo and Gemini

This is a highly promising and lovely match. Gemini is quite tactful and is well-equipped to handle the fiery nature of Leo. Geminis are business like, communicative, mobile and fun-loving people. They seek new friends, destinations and businesses. Both Leo and Gemini are thus adventurous people. While the former seeks new terrains of influence, the later tries to find new friends and fun situations in them.

Leo and Cancer

While Leo looks for an easy-going relationship, Cancer demands stability and focus. If they can work out the differences, they can have a successful match. Leo and Cancer people can be remarkably compatible companions. They are like fire and water.  Leos enjoy going out and taking risks in setting up new enterprises. Cancers, on the other hand, are peace loving, home making or family types.  They seek security from the confines of their home and love of their partners.

Leo and Leo

This connection could be quite challenging as both signs possess very strong egos. It is rather difficult for two strong characters to stay together without causing friction. Nonetheless, the two Leos can stay together harmoniously if they respect each other’s individuality and space without trying to cross each other’s path.

Leo and Virgo

Leo is dominating, extravagant and manipulative while Virgo is very conservative and simple. They are like parallel roads that can never meet in the long run. Leo and Virgo are like man and woman. While Leos are flamboyant and haughty, Virgos are generally earthy, emotionally stable and unassuming. Nonetheless, Virgos are also capable of providing critical and creative opinions whenever they find their partners running off the tangent.

Leo and Libra

Libra is passionate, emotional, artistic, steady and easy-going. These are the qualities that Leo looks for in a relationship and so they can have a successful relationship.Leo and Libra can develop a long lasting and rewarding relationship.  Leos often tend to be obstinate in their opinions and perspectives, but Libras are known for their flexibility, understanding, maturity and gracefulness. They offer harmony and balance during extreme and disturbing situations.

Leo and Scorpio

The relationship between these two signs starts on a beautiful note but gradually fizzles out. Leo is unable to deal with the possessive nature of Scorpio. Leo and Scorpio share a common and commendable trait of tenacity of purpose. This USP is most likely to keep them together. The only thing that may create trouble is the identification of the ‘purpose’ itself. Another point of difference may be the openness of the Leo against the secretiveness of Scorpios.

Leo and Sagittarius

These signs share a very high level of compatibility. Both the signs are extremely passionate, adventurous and lively. In a relationship, they will be devoted to each other. Both Leos and Sagittarians are out-going and adventure loving people. While Leos are motivated by a sense of fruitful enterprise; Sagittarians are primarily driven by love for fun, sports and entertainment. So, while a Leo shoots an arrow to hit a target, a Sagittarian just shoots it for fun almost in any direction to see how far it reaches.

Leo and Capricorn

Capricorn can find Leo to be very extravagant and egoistic. Capricorn on the other hand is very practical and down to earth and so these signs don’t really share a very high level of compatibility. Leo and Capricorn may have serious differences in traits of nature, but they can enjoy a happy relationship once they try to understand each other’s positive points. For example, while a Leo may be brimming with romantic dreams, Capricorn can help in realizing them through down-to-earth planning.

Leo and Aquarius

These signs are not very compatible because Aquarius is ill-equipped to deal with the dominating nature of Leo. Both Leo and Aquarians need to make effort to understand each other in order to work smoothly without any hiccups. While Leos are known to be highly self-adoring, possessive and demanding almost blind obedience, Aquarians want to reach out to as many people as possible to socialize, interact and help them.

Leo and Pisces

A striking difference between a Leo and Pisces is the former’s extravagant ambitiousness and latter’s contentment and love for little joys of life. In a way this difference can help them live peacefully with each other as the Pisces will not like to interfere in Leo’s adventurous escapades if only Leo lets them live in their own world.

Pisces is timid, dreamy and introvert while Leo is arrogant and dominating and so they are unlikely to get along well with each other.

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