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Free Horoscope for CancerCancer
22 June - 23 July

"Cancer, the Crab"

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Duration: 22 June - 23 July (32 day span)
Ruling Planet: Moon
Element: Water

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac.

Cancer symbolized by the Crab, ‘the hard-shelled scavenger’ of the seas, has Moon as its ruling planet. According to the horoscope, Cancer governs those born between June 22 to July 22. Cancer people are very emotional. Once they learn to deal with their emotions, they can easily strike emotional equations with those around them and can also adapt their moods to match the mood of those with whom they are interacting. In this way, they can conquer the world around them and reap a rich harvest of success in their interpersonal relations.

The Sun in Cancer represents domesticity and sensitivity.

Nurturing, support, belonging, emotional bonds; your roots, source, ground of your being; the unconscious, feelings, emotion; the Great Mother, Universal Womb; spirit's first emotional attachments to the world.

Mothering, emotional and physical nurturance; experiences and imprinting during infancy and childhood; family, ancestors, heritage, relationships to the past; belonging, feeling "at home"; maternal love, caring; feeling supported by the world, that your needs are provided for; insecurities and fears if your needs haven't been fulfilled; possessiveness, "twisted love", inability to nurture others are negative expression

Cancer people are traditionally home loving persons. At the end of the day it is back to the hearth for them. They are like the birds that leave their nests early in the morning and after a hard but enriching day of fun, adventure, struggle they return to snuggle in their nests tired but happy. So too Cancer people, who love to return home after the daylong, tiring and stressful flight for adventure and necessities. They come back to their base expecting a welcome respite in the arms of their spouses around the warmth of a fire in their hearth. For Cancer people, their homes are their castles of security and peace rather than showpieces to highlight their wealth, splendor, and power. They love to uphold their family traditions. In fact, Cancer people’ love of their family extends to national proportions and is exhibited in the form of patriotic fervor. Cancer people remain in the forefront of their compatriots in waving their country’s flags on important national events. They greatly appreciate communal activities. Cacnerians are generally sympathetic toward their neighbors and friends and are always ready to stand by them in their hour of need.

cancer horoscopeCancer people have a sharp memory. They can mentally revisit events in their lives to the minutest detail. They also have a Leep sense of their personal history. Reviving childhood memories is their favorite nostalgic pastime.

Cancer people have multiple talents and abilities. They are good journalists, writers, and successful executives of big industries, relaters, and brokers. They are otherwise very fond of gardening and cooking.

The most representative and central characteristic of Cancer people relates to their mind as distinct from their body. Cancer people are essentially very sensitive people and this basic trait of their personality broadly qualifies their thoughts, conduct, and attitude in their relations with their family, friends and society at large.

Cancer people are susceptible to the complaints of chest, elbows, stomach and digestive system, womb, and female reproductive system, vision and lungs. Yet, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

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