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2018 - The Year of the Dog

Have a wonderful 2018, Aquarius! Meet the new year with confidence. If you play your cards well, it could become a year of important inner growth and development. You have toiled and struggled during the past years and you didn’t always reach the results you wanted. Start dreaming again but this time take action with confidence. You can make as many plans as you want but if you don’t do anything, those plans will never have any results. Turn them into concrete actions. You're the kind of person who doesn't easily give his/her trust. Don't be judgemental and open up to someone who seems trustworthy. Bear in mind that you can only establish a good relationship once you open up a bit as well. Changes are also to be expected in the field of love, friendship and romance. An old lover could suddenly show up again this year. Ask yourself if it would be a wise idea to allow this person into your life again. Some friendships could become deeper, other friends will leave and now you look at life with different eyes. If you're in a relationship, have faith in love and your partner. You sometimes have the tendency not to be completely open up about your own problems or that of your partner. It would be a good idea to show a little more interest. Openness and attention are the base of a valuable relationship. 2018 will bring a lot of ups and downs in your life, but no matter what happens, always be creative and improvise. Believe in yourself and don’t let fear limit you in your choices.


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