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Love Horoscope Compatibility AquariusAquarius

21st January - 19th February
Aquarius Love Horoscope

Mostly compatible with:

A 50-50 chance with:

- Aquarius and Gemini
- Aquarius and Libra
- Aquarius and Aquarius
- Aquarius and Cancer
- Aquarius and Virgo

Can be good with:

Doubtful with:

- Aquarius and Pisces
- Aquarius and Aries
- Aquarius and Sagittarius
- Aquarius and Capricorn
- Aquarius and Taurus
- Aquarius and Leo
- Aquarius and Scorpio

Famous Aquarius

- Natalie Imbruglia – February 4, 1972
- Jennifer Aniston – February 11, 1969
- Mike Shinoda - February 11, 1977
- Robbie Williams – February 13, 1974
- Justin Timberlake – January 31, 1981
- Paul Schofield – January 21, 1922
- Brandon Lee – February 1, 1965
- Langston Hughes – February 1, 1902
- Paris Hilton – February 17, 1981

Love Compatibility Aquarius

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The following is the detailed comparative analysis of the compatibility status of Aquarius with other signs.

Ruling planet: Uranus, Zodiac sign: Water bearer

Some salient traits of Aquarius personality

Aquarians are genial, generous, kind, helpful, progressive, rational, hardworking, tolerant, perceptive and willing to go an extra mile to help others.

Aquarius and Capricorn

Aquarius doesn’t believe in rules or schedules whereas Capricorns follow the time standards at every step. Moreover, both the signs are independent decision makers, so both wish to follow their respective paths. So there is not much compatibility between the signs.  However, a Capricorn can prove an ideal partner for any Aquarius. With their down-to-earth wisdom, hardworking, conserving, reliable and tenacious nature, Capricorns can complement the Aquarian adventurousness that may, sometimes, result in wastage of energy and money because of the tendency to walk over unknown terrains.

Aquarius and Aquarius

The Aquarius shares the highest compatibility with its own sign. By nature, Aquarius is very practical, knowledgeable and experienced and these factors hold good for a beneficial relationship. Although commonality of nature promotes harmony and smoothness in relationships, it may, sometimes, also create some problems. For example, who will take care of home if both the partners go for partying or some outdoor pursuit on a daily basis? The relationship may tend to develop cracks that need to be consciously and consistently repaired.

Aquarius and Aries

Both these signs are compatible with each other. They both possess tremendous energy and are very vivacious by nature. Whereas Aquarius supports the autonomy of Aries; Aries will always be interested in the innovative ideas of Aquarius.Aquarians and Aries can pull together quite happily primarily because of the affable and accommodative nature of the former.  Aries are energetic people who always love action and drama which, of course, do not always succeed. It is here that the Aquarius companion can embalm and soothe the taut and tired nerves of Aries and win their heartfelt gratitude.

Aquarius and Taurus

The two zodiac signs share a very lively relationship. Both can be iconoclasts and inclined to work hard for whatever they want. Aquarius and Taurus can enjoy excellent rapport with each other.  Taurus is traditional, hardworking, contented, peaceful but sometimes stubborn and   slothful. Aquarius with their modern and scientific temperament, focussed, cooperative, empathetic approach can tap Taurus’s energy for creative pursuits.

Aquarius and Gemini

This is by far the best match for Aquarius. Both these zodiac signs represent intelligence, and independence and they also possess very good communication skills. Gemini’s love for intellectual pursuits, mobility, curiosity, fun and communicativeness may perfectly fit with Aquarian geniality, progressive outlook and helpful attitude. They are sure to enjoy each other’s interests, goals and perspectives. Occasional differences may add value to the relationship.

Aquarius and Cancer

Both these signs don’t share a high level of compatibility.  Whereas Cancer is highly emotional and affectionate, Aquarius loves space and freedom. However, Aquarius and Cancer can look forward to a rich, creative, prolific and pleasurable relationship in view of commonality in basic traits of nature of the two. Both are gentle, cooperative and understanding. Cancer’s attachment for home and Aquarius pursuit of career and financial security that may take them to different locations may, sometimes, create minor problems

Aquarius and Leo

This is challenging yet exciting connection. Initially, the compatibility level may seem high but the conflicts are likely to arise, given that both signs can be very obstinate. Leo’s dominant nature, flamboyance and vitality may, sometimes, clash with Aquarius’s gentleness, humility and rational approach in personal and social relationships. The two may not, therefore, be comfortable with each other on several issues. Both need to walk carefully over the rough patches.

Aquarius and Virgo

Aquarius and Virgo is average share an average compatibility level. Both the signs possess excellent communication and intellectual skills that they can put to use to resolve conflicts. Even though there may be differences in traits of nature and perspectives, both Aquarius and Virgo are sure to make genuine efforts to understand and accommodate each other’s individual needs. Virgo’s sharp eye for detail may help Aquarius in planning and implementing their ideas.

Aquarius and Libra

This is by far the best match in the zodiac and you say that the signs are made for each other. They share a lot of common interests that form a strong base for a successful relationship. A relationship between Aquarius and Libra is likely to be highly rewarding and harmonious as both of them are outgoing and sociable people. Neither of the two feels jealous if the other expands their circle of friends. Mutual trust and confidence is the hallmark of this relationship.

Aquarius and Pisces

Aquarius and Pisces may form an excellent rapport and companionship with each other. Both understand the practical necessity to move on and avoid being stuck up with unexpected contingencies of life. Both welcome new challenges and use all the mental and intellectual resources to overcome them.

Aquarius and Scorpio

They are not very compatible but can make a relationship work of they try to sort out their conflicting traits. Aquarius and Scorpio have deep differences in their natures. While the former is extrovert, gregarious, genial, cerebral and open-minded, the latter is secretive, introvert, emotional, passionate and almost enjoys being a loner. It may require a lot of effort on the part of the both to reconcile their preferences.

Aquarius and Sagittarius

Both these signs share high level of compatibility Aquarius possesses a proactive approach towards life and Sagittarius provides all the impetus the former needs to keep going.  Aquarius and Sagittarius have a lot to share and cheer with each other. Sagittarius is almost an extension of the outgoing and sociable nature of Aquarius. While Aquarius seeks fun by making new friends within a particular community or area, Sagittarius loves to cross the borders to reach out to a diverse and strange audience.

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