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Compatibility Gemini and Aquarius


A long term love compatibility between Gemini and Aquarius is very common. They have the great ability to work together as a team due to their similar views on life and love. Being born under the same Air Sign allows them a strong intellectual connection and drive towards fun and adventure. They view the world as a venue of different possibilities waiting to be explored. Additionally, these signs are chatty individuals. They have a wide array of interests and can't run out of topic to discuss. They enjoy engaging in good talks leading to a healthy debate which for them is a good mental work-out. They are also very sociable, diplomatic and are generally liked by other people.
Gemini and Aquarius complement each other in so many ways. Gemini doesn't mind who the boss is in the relationship, they're satisfied working in the background pulling the shots with their wit. Additionally, they are flexible individuals, very versatile and can adapt to norms so long as what they're doing is for the greater good. Aquarius on the other hand is a determined and grounded sign which make them reliable leaders. They have a strong sense of purpose and like to get a job done. They will often times take the lead in this relationship which will keep the flighty Gemini in check.
In terms of decision-making, both have great minds that easily come with new ideas. Even though Gemini lack the patience to act on them, it is swiftly balanced out by Aquarius' energy and determination to put their ideas into action. Aquarius are known for being a taskmaster, they command discipline and hard work. They can influence the unstable Gemini to stay in focus, however they must bear in mind that their partner value freedom like themselves. Aquarius must be careful and use patience alongside their leadership skills to allow Gemini their independence while nudging them to the same direction.   
Gemini and Aquarius can also disagree with each other and engage into all sorts of fights. These arguments mostly revolve around tactics, the direction and methods on how to work on things. This applies not only in a romantic relationship but also in friendship and business engagements. Gemini's flexibility could be misunderstood as being disloyal and wishy-washy for Aquarius who require consistency. Gemini can also be offensive when trying to point things out. Likewise, Aquarius has the tendency to think big that makes them feel that Gemini is not as serious as them. Aquarius can also be stubborn, they tend to be stuck in their ways and believe that they are always right. Gemini is versatile enough to put up with the stubbornness of Aquarius but only to some extent. Gemini lack patience and get bored easily. Without the foundation of love and care, Gemini will have no second thought of using their flexible nature to flee putting the relationship in jeopardy. The key to this complication is for these signs to have a deeper understanding of their partner's weaknesses and not only focus on the convenience of their similarities. Understanding brings forth adjustment to their partner's needs creating a balance in the relationship.
The Gemini-Aquarius relationship is not expected to settle down quickly. These are two free spirits who are determined to maintain their freedom so a loose arrangement works for them perfectly. Between them, it'll be Aquarius who will first come up with the idea of marriage. Fortunately, both share a healthy verbal exchange that will make this idea easy to present to Gemini. It is necessary that Aquarius should not expect a prompt response from their partner.  With time, Gemini will definitely be in the same page as Aquarius in the issue of marriage.
The key in keeping the harmony in the Gemini and Aquarius relationship is their ability to communicate which should be used to their advantage. More than a mental workout, communication should be a tool to convey their sentiments, fears and worries. They should look past the cognitive value of the relationship and draw love from the happiness that they share with each other.


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