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Psychic Astrology Clock LogoWhat is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of the position of the astral bodies and their relevance in the lives of human beings and other events on earth. Astrology studies personal nature, physical traits, reasons behind the occurrence of certain events, and the destiny of man. Astrology is represented by the Astrological Signs.

The word Astrology has a Greek origin. It is derived from the words ‘astron’ meaning star, and ‘logos’, meaning study or discipline. Although Astrology and Astronomy share a lot of common ground, yet the two subjects are different from each other. While Astronomy is the study and observation of the celestial bodies, Astrology studies their influence on primarily human beings and their nature.

The scholar who studies and practices astrology is called an Astrologer. The study of astrology requires in-depth knowledge about the origin of stars, planets, galaxies and their movements in space. Knowledge of mathematics is necessary to study the origin of stars, planets, galaxies and calculate their movements in space as also to prepare numerological charts and tables that give the coordinates of a celestial body at a number of specific times during a given period, and so on. Read more about Astrology.

Astrology Topics

You may want to read more about how astrology can predict your future and help you make the right decisions in life or you may just be interested in what Astrology is all about and every little bit about it. Why not read the different astrology topics we have prepared for you to give you a proper understanding of the Amazing Subject of Astrology.

Different Types of Astrology

Within the field of astrology there is also more specific types of astrology. The different types of astrology include:

Vedic Astrology originated from the Vedas which are ancient Indian writings. Due to this there are many Indian Astrology gurus, who study and practice astrology. To read about these amazing astrologers please refer to Famous Indian Astrologers.

Astrology's part in Human Life

The famous mathematician Tycho Brahe studied astrology so that “by looking upwards I see downward.” This aptly describes the role of astrology in our lives. The belief that the heavenly bodies exercise their impact on the habitants of the earth is very old. Initially it was based more upon observation and intuition. The movements and changes in the position of stars and planets had important portents for human beings on earth. While the beliefs and theories of astrological predictions were not scientifically tested or proved, there was a lot of consistency about them. With the passage of time and the advancement of scientific studies of the astronomical phenomena, the study of astrology started to establish itself as a legitimate field of study acquiring a scientific and mathematical bias, though psychic abilities, primarily intuition, still continue to play an important role in astrological predictions.

Another reason why the astrologers think that the stars and planets influence the course of human life is the belief that the whole universe is a one single unit and any change in a part of the whole has its impact on the remaining part too—“as above, so below.”

Astrology Tools

The main tool of astrology is the Horoscope or a Birth/Natal Chart, which is prepared to study the ascendance and influence of planet at the time and day of a person’s birth. A horoscope consists of mainly an astrological chart, a diagrammatic representation of the position of stars at a given time and place and its impact on the life and nature of man. There are many words used synonymously for horoscope, including astro chart, star chart, astrological chart and so on, but they perform the same function.

Astrology and Personality Traits

Astrology can be tied to your personality traits. Astrology has for the longest time been used to have a deeper understanding of personality traits and relationships. Skeptics do not believe that the stars have anything to do with how people behave. For centuries, though, people believe that the stars always tell them and make them understand who they really are.

Astronomy differs from astrology. Astronomy is the science involved in the study of how the planets and the stars move in the universe. Astrology on the other hand explains the movements of the planets and the stars and how they affect human behavior.

Whether you believe in Astrology or not, studying zodiac traits will make you realize that there is a strong relationship between astrology and personality traits. The personality trait of each person has been always a perfect match to the general personality traits of their sign. While you might find it impossible to group everyone in the world into the 12 zodiac signs and personality types, the fact remains that it always works.

Knowing the personality traits of the different zodiac signs is beneficial for a lot of reasons. If you are dating someone, checking his zodiac sign will give you an idea of what he really is like. You will be able to determine if you are compatible based on your zodiac signs. Knowing if your personality traits complement each other will give you hopes for a long lasting relationship. Some zodiac signs are not compatible with each other.

Each zodiac sign represents a planet and each planet has its own personality traits. The relationship of the zodiac signs to their assigned planets depends on the position of the planet at the time of your birth.

Regardless of the personality trait your zodiac sign reveals, you are always in full control of your own life. If your zodiac sign has some negative personality traits, such as being stubborn for instance, you can alter such a trait so it will not be an obstacle to your everyday life. The personality traits revealed in zodiac signs are stated in general terms. You have the power to change a particular personality trait you have been identified with based on your zodiac sign to improve your own personal profile.



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