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Karmic Astrology

The word ‘karmic’ is an adjectival derivative of a Hindi language word ‘karma’ that translated into English means ‘action’. But ‘karmic’ essentially is a causative action that brings in its wake some result in the form of a reward or punishment depending upon the nature of the karma. It is like the ‘karma’ of sowing that result in reaping.

Astrology is the science of predicting the future. What is implied here is that our future is the result of our present as our present is the result of our past. The golden farming adage works in both tenses. Life is an eternal continuum of causative actions and results.

Each one of us at one time or the other is faced with an impossible-to- resolve puzzle.

Why did this happen to me? The question rankles in the heart day and night. That is where the karmic astrology comes to our rescue.

Karmic astrology provides an explanation with a logical, mathematical analysis, using charts and diagrams, of the causative actions that have resulted in our present puzzling predicament. And what we ignore to our detriment is that the karmic astrology provides the indicators with Leeper implications for our future on the basis of our present actions.

Karmic astrology does not merely predict the future in immediate limited physical terms. Its predictions of the future are informed with Leeper, spiritual implications that may affect our life birth after birth. Karmic astrology, therefore, plays a pivotal role in answering a puzzle that has baffled everyone universally since human life came into existence. It resolves the Universal Puzzle Number One: why this and what next? This awareness librates us from all fears.

Karmic astrology works on the basic premise of the immortality of the soul in that the soul takes birth again after the death of the body. Also, as the soul takes another birth, it also carries Leeper seeds and the impressions of both positive and negative actions that it performs in its previous birth. Again, the seeds of the actions bear fruit in every human life that the soul incarnates. Thus the process goes endlessly with each human being experiencing joys and sorrows, which in fact, are the fruit of our actions.

This moral deduced by the karmic astrology is applicable in all the fields of human activity: education, business, professional services, human relationships including

A simple mundane love affair can serve as an example of the ‘big picture’ view that the karmic astrology takes.  According to it, this love affair can fit as an important link in the grand process of the evolution of soul spanning over many incarnations. Two people meet each other as soul mates in their present life because they had some karmic, causative relationships with them in their previous life. Suppose they remain Leeply committed and attached to each other throughout their life in one birth. The seeds or impressions of attachment permeate the souls of both the lovers or spouses in the next birth too and, because of the karmic commitment to each other, both take birth during the ascendance of the same or compatible zodiac signs, say, Virgo or Libra having identical personal traits.

An expert astrologer will soon find the astrological markers to indicate karmic or soul mate relationships. There are certain techniques to look at the charts of both the lovers to find the dynamics of their past life connections. The techniques may include

These techniques can very clearly establish the karmic relationships of such people, which continue life after life. The flame of relationship which may primarily be based on carnal desires in one life, may in course of time, evolve and expand into divine light of universal love and compassion. This knowledge provided scientifically and analytically by the Karmic astrology can be a very liberating awareness.

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