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Email psychic reading is often one of the widely preferred options when a person feels the need for a reading. It is one form of psychic reading that offers guidance in the most convenient manner.

Since there is no live interaction involved in an email psychic reading, people who find it difficult or uncomfortable to talk to a psychic over the phone can get an effective and affordable reading. Even without having to speak to anyone you can still get the guidance you need.

Email ReadingsSteps on How to get an Email Reading:

  1. Select the type of email reading you wish to purchase.
  2. Send all required information to psychichelpdesk(at)
  3. Payment Options: If paying by Credit Card please call the Helpdesk on the following numbers:
    • Australia 1800 222 362
    • New Zealand 09 925 0444
    • USA and CANADA 1 888 22 22 338
    • UK 0011 44 870 495 8019
    • OVERSEAS dial 0011 44 870 495 8019, international call cost apply
    • Service provider: Access Positive

Types of Readings Available:

AUSTRALIA, USA & OVERSEAS clients please pay in AUD


Please note readings may take approx 24-48 hours before you receive a confirmation of your payment or your email reading to be sent to you.

Tarot Card ReadingPSYCHIC TAROT READING: (Half Page $37.50 | Full Page $75)

This ancient method of reading has assisted many through the centuries. When you need direct answers to what is happen in your life from the past to the future. Tarot is a rewarding way of discovering what life has installed for you. Read more about Psychic Email Tarot Readings.

LOVE AND GENERAL EMAIL READING: (Half Page $37.50 | Full Page $75)

Ask our psychic any questions you have relating to your relationship and love life.
Simply email the following details to us:

PSYCHIC PHOTO READING: (Half Page $37.50 | Full Page $75)

This is a new type of reading we now have available. Simply email the following details to us:

Astrology Natal ChartPSYCHIC ASTROLOGY READING:  (Half Page $37.50 | Full Page $75)

A ship cannot sail the seven seas without the assistance of the stars. Just like those ships we at times need to be guided to our destination, our destiny, by mapping our lives through the messages written in the heavens. By having your Astrology Charts mapped, you can receive guidance on relationships and compatibility, career and choices, family matters, finances and whether you are in a luck cycle. Learn more about Astrology.

Simply email the following details to us:

PSYCHIC NUMEROLOGY READING: (Half Page $37.50 | Full Page $75)

The study of numbers is an excellent way of discovering what the future holds. A numerology reading can assist in sorting out the concerns that maybe troubling you at any time in your life. You will be amazed at how much can be told about you from giving your name and birth date. Find out what is Numerology.

Simply email the following details to us:

MEDIUMSHIP READING:  (Half Page $37.50 | Full Page $75)

Through "Auto-writing" my Guides show me the way to contact the departed Souls. By giving me the pass over date and date of birth of your loved one I am able to "tune" into their unique vibration. It is like dialing a phone number and getting in contact with the person on the other-side. It can be a settling feeling to know that your loved ones are still here for you, even through they are in another realm. To get a Mediumship Reading please visit Psychic Medium Readings.


Pay by Credit Card

Please contact us to arrange a Credit Card Payment. (Visa and MasterCard only)

Australia, USA and OVERSEAS clients please pay the amount in AUD.


PayPal - Not Available

To Pay using your PayPal account please check our Paypal Psychic Readings page for more details.
Please note you will need to provide us with your home address and home phone number if you are in Australia or Overseas.
Service Provider: Access Positive

If you have any questions regarding payment and cost kindly email us and we will help you.

How to Purchase the Reading

To purchase an email reading, Simply email the following details to us:

Prior to having a Psychic Reading with one of our professional psychics you may wish to read our Limitations of Liability document.

Why are Email Psychic Readings becoming more Popular?

Psychic readings have become quite popular in these stressful times, as more and more people are searching for advice and guidance on a wide array of issues in life. There are actually different ways for getting a reading. On could have a personal, face-to-face reading with a psychic, while you can also opt to have a reading through the telephone, Internet chat, and through email.

Convenient and Inexpensive:  Advantages of Email Psychic Readings

The arrival of the Internet has revolutionized the way psychics do their job today. Today you can easily find a psychic reader on the Internet, and you can get a reading via chat, SMS or email too. Here's a look at the advantages offered by email psychic readings . 

With a psychic email reading, you can ask the psychic questions when you are ready and you may also read the answer when you are ready as well. This can be extremely convenient because there are some people who do not even have the time to talk to a psychic reader over the phone. Besides, there are those who can express themselves better in writing than in speaking.

With a psychic email reading you will be able to get a more thorough and detailed reading. Horoscopes and numerology are psychic tools where you can get more information in an email reading rather than in a telephone reading.

One major advantage of an email psychic reading is the fact that you have a written report of your psychic reading. With a phone reading, you will have to take notes on what the psychic reader is telling you. While you can record your conversation with a telephone psychic reader, more often than not this is a missed option. Then you will have to contend yourself with having to remember each information the psychic reader gave. This concern is completely eliminated in an email psychic reading because as mentioned, everything is in black and white. 

With an email psychic reading you will be able to stick to your concerns and get precise answers. In a telephone reading, you and the psychic may be too engrossed in a conversation not knowing that your questions have not been answered. In an email reading, the psychic will only receive your questions and you will then get precise answers, no more no less.

An email psychic reading will provide you with the answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. You can also refer back to your psychic advice at any time, to help you on your path to happiness.

We provide the following Email Reading Reports:

Our Life Advisors are also able to give psychic advice regarding dating, as well as love advice, or advice on life, money and your career. Our psychics' energy is that of a positive one, and is guaranteed to leave you feeling much better. All our psychics are extremely gifted find out more about the type of reading experience we offer.

Our Experts are also proficient in dream interpretation, and will use their psychic powers as best they can to help you better understand your dreams.


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