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Palmistry reading or palm analysis has developed into a full fledged science of analyzing the personality traits and forecasting the future of the subject. The well known Greek scholar Paracelsus used palmistry like astrology for his medical diagnosis. In more recent times the famous psychologist and researcher Carl Jung consulted his well known palmist friend Julius Spier several times and remarked, “I must say, I was Leeply impressed by his results. He specially appreciated Spier’s use of chirology as a characterology.”

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palmistry readingPalmistry the Art of Palm Reading

Palmistry is the process of studying palm prints in order to gain knowledge about a person’s past, future, and present. It is a branch of occult science that proves how unique the lives of everyone are. Each person has a different palm print, which automatically means that the totality of events in one’s life differs from others. Palmistry is the comprehensive study which aims to unravel those events by reading and analyzing one’s palm prints.

In the earlier times, there are already experts in palm reading although they were referred to as fortune tellers. Palmistry then was not yet formally considered as a branch of science which is why it leaned toward the mysterious and mythical. Today, however, there are now a lot of recognized palmists all over the world.  They have been featured in magazines and other publications as well as TV shows.

Palmists do not only look at the lines in the palm. They also consider the shape and size of the palms, the texture of the skin, and the color of the fingers and nails.

Hair growth is another factor that they consider. If the hair growth is uniform and consistent in different areas in the hand, the individual has a steady life. Ascending lines are desirable on the palm, too. Each finger also has a mount that is relevant to analyzing one’s future. Basically, all of these lead to the conclusion that palmistry is a physical approach in occult science that helps determine the happenings in one’s future. The index finger is Jupiter and it represents leadership. How long this finger is compared to the other fingers determines how controlling a person can be when communicating with others.

Aside from the length of the fingers, the thickness as well as the direction of lean also has meanings. If the index or Jupiter finger leans toward the middle or Saturn finger, the individual is more likely to be concerned with the society he is in. He may be involved in political and social services. If it is the opposite, meaning the index finger leans farther away from the middle finger, the individual may be more of an independent or anti-social being.

The joint of each finger has meanings, too. The joint closest to the palm stands for material things or physical properties. The second one represents scientific and practical interests while the third joint stands for the spiritual or intuitive properties. There is also a different story for each finger.

Palmistry – the art of palm reading implies that looking at the lines of the palm to discover things is a skill, an art.

Palm reading, both traditional and modern; involve accumulated knowledge dating back to thousands of years ago. The art of palm reading involves skill, not just knowledge gained from reading books. As mentioned, each and every one has a unique set of palm prints and it is up to the palmist to interpret it accurately. These readings would include his talents, potentials, emotions, strengths, weaknesses, desires, future, and many other aspects in a person’s life.


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