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24 August - 23 September

"Virgo, the Virgin"

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Duration: 24 August - 23 September (31 day span)
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Element: Earth

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac.

Virgos are born between the period of August 23 to September 23. The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury. The symbolic representation of a Virgo is a Virgin, the embodiment of purity. Virgo is the only zodiacal sign represented by a female—a female who is creative, delicate, lovely and young. Virgos are considered to be emotionally cold. They can suppress their genuine feelings, and on the whole are non-committal and distrustful in personal relationships.

The Sun in Virgo represents Analytical and practicality.virgo horoscope

Virgos are adept in concealing their real intentions and apprehensions and try to appear matter of fact, non-demonstrative, quiet, and reserved. This lends them a unique charm and dignity. Even male Virgos are usually somewhat effeminate. They can be technically perfect and affectionate spouses, but not passionate lovers. They do not open up their heart and show their genuine love or compassion for their mates and may appear aloof and cold.

A Virgo born under the influence of Mercury is known to be petty, selfish, picky, discriminatory, critical, fussy, worrying, harsh, shrewd, mobile, and argumentative and these traits of his personality can tempt him to be dishonest in business too.

Virgos are realistic, practical, meticulous, diligent, analytical, logical, and methodical in their approach. They enjoy thinking more than acting. Constant thinking sharpens their brains and endows them with a computer-like memory that is massive, accurate and logical. The mental ingenuity of a Virgo can clearly analyze the most intricate issues. They have a keen eye for detail and due to this thoroughness, they sometimes tend to lose focus and ignore the larger aspects. This can delay the execution of their projects. They are easily discouraged by failures. They do not trust themselves and distrust others too and therefore, are afraid to take responsibility. They are happy to follow rather than lead.

Virgos have a great flair for arts and languages. They use the language with grammatical and etymological correctness without any literary tastes. They have good memory for quotations and can express themselves extremely well.

Virgo is the sign of harvest. Harvesting also involves separating grains from the chaff or the useless from the useful, and this by itself is a process of purification. A constant practice of this activity percolates down into the sub-conscious mind purifies the soul. This explains why Virgo has a Vestal virgin as it symbol.

Though logic and rational thinking are important, Virgos need to work on the emotions of love, trust and friendship, to lead a more fulfilling life. Many events in life occur which cannot be explained by cold calculative analysis. Constant distrust and aloofness may create multiple problems. Virgos must learn to live and adjust with others with trust and confidence. They should accept others as they are and not as they want them to be. The negative aspects of the zodiac can cause a lot of tensions and problems.

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