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Some psychics, themselves, act as mediums and go into trance. But there are other psychics who induce trance into other mediums and present their readings about the problems of their clients. It should be noted that the word ‘psychic’ is related to the soul, spirit or mind. So when a psychic medium goes into trance, his/her body and consciousness go in contact with the spirits.

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The Hype about Medium Readings

The mere fact that you are on this page means you have heard of the remarkable things psychic readings can do. But has someone told you about the big difference of having a psychic medium reading? Psychic readings are given by power psychic mediums and not your regular psychic.

As compared to a regular psychic reading, a psychic medium reading can propel you to greater things.  A psychic medium receives information from spirits who have passed on to the next life, spirit guides and guardian angels. If you are getting a reading from a psychic medium you can communicate with a deceased loved one to ask for advice.

If you do not seem to understand as yet the difference between a psychic and a psychic medium reading, here are 3 reasons you should opt for a psychic medium reading:

  1. You will get better guidance from a psychic medium.  All psychic readings offer good guidance. A psychic medium reading can offer better guidance and clarification because the sources of the information are spiritual beings of the highest level. A better explanation can be something like, if you have been depending on a loved one for advice and he has passed away, you can continue getting advice from him through a psychic medium.
  2. Psychic medium readings are highly reliable. Not all psychics are psychic mediums. Psychic mediums have extremely powerful psychic abilities. They have both psychic and mediumship gifts. With a psychic medium reading you know that the energy the psychic medium receives is from a higher realm. In a regular psychic reading you are not sure from where the reader received the energy and information.
  3. A psychic medium reading is more practical than a regular psychic reading. A regular reading will make you understand more about your past, present and future. A psychic medium reading will give you the same discoveries plus the opportunity to ask your spirit guides, angels and loved ones who have passed on to the next life for added guidance.

If you have experienced having a psychic reading, try and get a psychic medium reading and see the big difference.

How the Medium Reading Occurs

When a Medium is in trance, the body and the consciousness of the medium are taken over by their guiding spirit who presents spiritual readings using the organs of the psychic medium. It may also be noted that, in some cases, the spirits take complete control of the body and the mind of the medium or channel, while in other cases the control is just partial. Those who surrender their bodies and minds completely to the spirits are called trance mediums, and those who partially do so are called conscious mediums or channels.

The conscious mediums receive the information from the spirits and translate it to the listeners. While the guiding spirit mostly presents the readings through the vocal organs of the of the medium, it may also make the psychic walk or make gestures using her hands or even the eyes. For all practical purposes the medium appears to behave normally.

In a majority of cases the trance medium is used to contact the cross over spirits of the loved ones. That the contact has been established successfully is proved by the fact that during the conversation, the spirit reveals some intimate details of the family life to the seeker client as she or he talks with it about the past and also the present.

The client may enquire about some of the unfulfilled desires of the departed soul and also how it is now feeling after the dismemberment of the body. The most important outcome of this exercise is that it proves beyond doubt that the life does not end with the physical death of the body and that the human soul continues to live and interact with the survivors on the earth.

Believe in Psychic Medium Reading

Do you believe in psychic powers and abilities? If one person happens to be a skeptic, the only way to make that individual believe is present it in such a way it tells its existence. When people have psychic abilities, they are experiencing psychic phenomenon which involves two useful abilities. One is Extrasensory perception or for short, ESP and the other is called Paraphysical. They are divided into two divisions because there are different kinds of psychic. Paraphysical refers to movement. This is the act of changing positions and locations of an object from one place to another without the use of physical force. People mistakenly consider it as black magic. Some people even thought of people who have this power have traded their souls with the devil. This is not true. Psychokinesis and Telekinesis actually happens during our childhood. Well, most of the time though that will not be the case for everyone. They fortunately have their psychic powers cultured better than the normal person.

Extrasensory perception is when a person is able to perceive things such as seeing the dead in our world but living in a different dimension and ability to communicate with them through psychic medium reading. There are various means to administer a reading. Psychics are using tools and other instruments used to conduct a psychic phenomenon. One good example is the Tarot Cards. The Tarot cards enable the psychic to tell something about the future, present and the past. They interpret the images shown on them through psychic medium reading. Readings and interpretations will not always be the same for people because psychics have different level of skill on their abilities. But the good thing here is that if your life is somehow going to be good, then trust the cards for they are going to show good images. Though it may not be exactly in the same position, they will appear closely similar in the psychic medium reading. Do you know why they call it psychic medium reading? This is because they do a reading by using a medium meaning a channel or some instrument to accomplish the goal.

Not all people have this ability for it takes practice and mastery of skill. It is something that one must practice hands-on. Unlike in school, you can learn from books. This is not how an individual can find out or discover how to do a psychic medium reading. If it runs on the genes, it will not be as hard to learn the skill for perception will be understood easily beyond the 5 senses. If people want to experience or go through a psychic phenomenon then they have to get a hold of good psychic readers out there. There are a lot of psychics, but only a few can do the job. Find those few and see how they utilize their skills the right way. They use their powers for a good cause. This is a lesson that must be learned and taken by people.

Communicate, Don't Be Afraid Of A Psychic Medium Reading


An individual who has an extraordinary or mysterious ability to answer questions is called a psychic.    There are so many types of psychics who are willing to provide a reading the moment you want their services.  However, a minimal difference can be noted when a reading of one psychic is compared to the reading of another. 

A psychic medium reading is a communication mode which a medium employs.  A psychic medium is an individual who has the ability to communicate with beings beyond human life, like the spirit of a deceased person.  Now why would an individual want to talk to a deceased person?  Usually, an individual would want to talk to a loved one who recently passed away.  This happens more often when the cause of death is sudden.  There is the feeling that secrets or very important information were not revealed to the people concerned or those who should be taking care of it.  This should not be surprising because human are emotional over such concerns.

A psychic medium reading may be done i several ways.  There are times when it is experienced in a trance, where the body may be fully or partially controlled by the spirit.    To surrender the body and mind of a medium gives the spirit the chance to communicate verbally to the one who wanted to talk the spirit.    Sometimes, the spirit would just inform the medium the answers or information and the medium would be the one to relay the message whether verbally or in some other form of communication using the other parts of the body.  There are also instances when the possible future can be sensed by the medium.  This is another side of a psychic medium reading.

A psychic medium is also believed to be able to communicate with angels, aliens or some other beings from a different dimension.    The main purpose of which is to deliver an important message which may need an urgent resolution.     But these beings are only able to provide information aligned to the person it wishes to communicate with including specific instructions.

Where can one get a psychic reading of this type?  The most common place is to go and see the medium that will be performing the reading. However, it would be advisable that an appointment is made although some mediums can perform   a reading for an individual even if they are not physically together.

For entertainment purposes, in most mystery movies, the use of a psychic medium reading has been means of solving the mystery death of people.  This is a good form of unconsciously advertising a special business which is not really a very common service.

What is really exciting in this activity is that there is a possibility that future events can be perceived.  There is also the possibility of making the life of an individual better.  To know the future from a being from the other side, especially if the intention is to protect means you are special.


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