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Numerology Report 

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of a mystical or esoteric relationship between the numbers and the physical objects or living beings. The study of numerology dates back to thousands of years. Its study was further refined by the renowned Greek Mathematician, Pythagoras, who used it to get an insight into the events and divine the future.

According to Numerology, each number has a vibration energy and a hidden meaning. It casts a mysterious influence on the nature and personality of every human being. The science of Numerology assigns a numerical value to each letter of alphabet.

This value is derived from the alphanumeric birth data of a person, which includes his name, date and place of birth. Once the numerical value is calculated, the numerologist interprets it for the results.

As is clear from the above, a numerologist gets the birth data of the subject and analyses it by making certain mathematical calculations. The numerologist then prepares a report that details personal traits of the subject and forecasts his future.

The Numerology Report

The report helps to plan the future by forewarning the client about the likely pitfalls that he may encounter in his life’s path. The numerology report may be likened to an astrological reading, which is also based on mathematical calculations based on the time of birth of a person and the position of the ruling planet at that time.

The report may reveal your life path number. It gives you an idea about the path you may have chosen to realize your dream in life. It may also contain the Day Number that tells you how you should approach various issues of your life in order to be happy and successful.

It tells you about your Personal Year that provides you an insight into your present and future. Based on all this data, the numerology report forecasts your life’s pattern on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

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