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ANGELS - Our Protectors

Angels are beings of love and light sent to nurture and protect us from negative experiences. It is only our negative thinking that will block the light of their Psycic Love from penetrating into our hearts and minds.

Etymologically expressing, the English word ‘angel’ has been derived from a Greek word that means ‘messenger’.

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An Angel is a spiritual entity of godly stature that carries out the errands and will of God Almighty or works on his behalf.

He is a kind of attorney for God who wields his powers in executing his orders and dispensing his justice. The image of an angel, as generally envisioned, is that he is made of divine light, is lighter than a feather and is very compassionate being, always ready to help those who call out to him for help.  Or, he appears out of the blue and reaches with love to the distressed person. Although formed in the image of a human being, he can also assume the form or body that corresponds the nature of his mission. He can appear as a kite to pick away a snake curling round the neck of a sleeping person. He may also appear in a psychic dream of a soundly sleeping person and wake him up so as to warn him against the approaching thieves. He is light enough to fly across the worlds in no time and can reach his destination instantly. He is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. He can speak any language, wears shining white robes and remains on wings day and night.

Although mentioned as a messenger in the scriptures, acting as a messenger is only one of his multiple duties. He oversees life on earth and other human activities in this lif,e and also in life after their death. His intervention in human affairs is termed as divine providence, that is, the implementation of the sovereign wish or powers of God.

Angles are blessed with extraordinary beauty and charm. Their appearance pleases the senses, soothes and warms the heart and the spirit. Angelic beauty is probably the best-coined phrase to describe and communicate an image of a person who is caring, compassionate, helpful, full of warmth, wisdom and understanding and at the same time physically charming too.

Angles are self-incarnated.  They form God’s inner circle in the celestial realm. They are the members of his flying squad. In the spiritual or astral hierarchy, they are higher than the spirit guides.  Angels are a breed apart from spirit guides or other such spirits. They can also be described in human terms as the noblest, or, the highest elevated forms of spirits.

Spirit guides, on the other hand, may have lived on earth as human beings. They may have acted nobly in their human incarnations and after their physical death they may have assumed astral form and taken charge of human welfare and guidance.

When a psychic goes into trance and is able to channel, she communicates with angels or even the spirit guides during his psychic readings. The angels help him understand the problems that confront the distressed person and the psychic then channels the same helpful information to him.

The angels provide such information to the seeker of help through their psychic, which is known only to that seeker and is his closely guarded secret.

This evidential information, provided by the psychic goes a long way in convincing the client about the existence of angels and their powers. The psychic may in course of his readings refer to their client’s past memories, experiences, and names of certain persons and descriptions of events.  All this goes a long way in building the client’s  trust in the powers of the psychic. The angelic spirit is not only kind to the client, but is also a friend of the psychic too as it saves her the embarrassment of making vague and evasive generalizations in her answers to the specific questions of their clients. Angels may also appear before the psychic when she gazes into crystal balls to probe the mysteries of time and space.

Stories that we hear as a child often depict an angel as a being with two huge wings, dressed in shining white robes, who appears out of the blue to people and gives them messages from God. There have been many experiences of people sensing angels throughout history. Psychics believe that each of us as we progress through life (from baby till death), have an ever watchful and loving guardian psychic angel.

It is believed that angels are classed into hierarchies. Archangel Michael, who appeared to the great men of faith, is at the top of the hierarchy as the archangel and others most commonly named are Saint Gabriel the Archangel (aka Archangel Gabriel) , Archangel Uriel, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Haniel, Archangel Jophiel and Archangel Raphael. Relating it to the world of today, the post of an archangel would be equivalent to that of a managing director.

All angels have psychic powers from which they can contact us and help us in the right direction. Archangels bring blessing, safety and protection into our daily lives, and to assist us in gaining greater clarity about our life's purpose.

Michael the Archangel

St Michael the Archangel symbolizes the soul who is so completely dedicated and loving to God, that he defeats Lucifer almost without realizing it. Just his touch on the boulder and it falls, crushing that ancient devil. Read more about Angel Micheal.

In Christian, Jewish and Muslim traditions - Michael, the prince of light, is depicted as the leader of the Angels. He is neither male nor female, because angels are beyond both. His name means 'The one who is like God'. His element is air, spirits and dreams. His special colour is blue.

Protected by his purity, he conquered 'Satan'. In life, purity gives the power of an angel to the human soul and, with love and knowledge, we are able to conquer the enemy. The enemy is one's own impurity and with its conquest, there is victory.


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