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Crystal Ball Gazing

The well-known crystal ball gazing seems to have derived from something even more ancient, that is haunting the quality of reflected images. Many different cultures through out history have used crystals or the idea of reflected energy to enhance their psychic power:

Crystal Ball Gazing


Selecting a crystal ball can be an interesting experience. Actually, it is a misnomer that you are selecting a particular crystal ball. It is, in fact, the other way round. It is the crystal ball that selects you. Crystals boost your energy and enable you to communicate with spirits or other entities. The larger the crystal balls, the stronger the energy that they release. Moreover, you can view clearer images in larger crystal balls.

Crystal ball reading can imbibe you with psychic energy and psychic power. It can make you a clairvoyant. You can see the visuals in the crystal ball, both physical and ethereal. When two persons gaze into the crystal ball simultaneously, they see different images. It is like tuning to a radio. You choose your own frequency.

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