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Last year tv psychic / supernatural dramas really featured with Charmed, Afterlife, Medium and Ghost Whisperer. This year there is many more tv psychic series being presented. The newest to hit the screen is The Supernatural, however there are many more to come such as Nine Lives, Medium at Large and The Gift. These tv psychic dramas are so popular they are even being discussed in the news, (click to read the tv psychic news story).

Reality TV

“Long Island Medium” is a psychic TV series which centers on the real life of Theresa Caputo; a New York based Psychic Medium.  This reality TV series will show how Caputo will take her clients into a spiritual journey to communicate with their dearly departed relatives.

Each episode of “Long Island Medium,” reveals how Theresa balances life between her family and her work as a psychic. Theresa’s husband Larry and their children Larry and Victoria have learned to live with her being a medium. Her family has accepted the fact that the spirits come first in Theresa’s life.

Each episode also shows Theresa in action as a medium. She is shown giving either a private or a group reading with either a believer in her psychic abilities and or with some skeptics. There too are episodes which show her giving psychic messages on impulse to the men on the streets.

The show also shows how Theresa goes about her usual day as a working mom doing chores regular moms do. In the course of her usual day she bumps into someone who instinctively wants to talk to a dead loved one or needs some psychic advice.
A lot of viewers have been hooked to this TV series. The show has given viewers a glimpse of the life of a psychic medium. The show reveals that most mediums just like Theresa seem to have no more control of their psychic abilities to the point that giving readings seem as natural as breathing.

To indulge viewers and for more fun and excitement, The Long Island Medium started the second season with a contest with the grand prize winner getting an opportunity to have a private reading with mom turned medium and TV host Theresa Caputo. To win the prize, the contestant simply as to log on to the show’s website after the show and arrange the episode’s jumbled scenes before the timer stops.

The World's Top TV Psychics

Psychics have both been praised and reviled for their unique abilities.  And while mainstream society already accepts them as part and parcel of daily life, some conservatives still continue to see them as nothing but scam artists and weirdoes’. The psychics of today have managed to find a niche even in today's fast-paced digital world. You can find them on fairs, exhibits, as well as on the Internet, and on television.  Here's a short-listing of a few of the world's most famous TV psychics and their specialties.

James Van Praagh and Derek Acorah

James Van Praagh is a world-famous medium and psychic, who has already authored many books on spirit communication and spirituality.  Van Praagh has hosted a popular daily talk show titled “Beyond With James Van Praagh”, and he's also an executive producer of popular shows such as CBS” The Ghost Whisperer.  Derek Acorah is a popular psychic in Great Britain, and is very popular for his appearances on Yvette Fielding's “Most Haunted” as well as on his very own show “Ghost Town”.

Allison Dubois and Sylvia Browne

Allison Dubois is a psychic who's noted for channeling the souls of people and even dead pets.  Allison has also written a number of books, including “Secrets Of The Monarch”, which delves on the freedom of the soul.  The hit TV series “Medium” starring Patricia Arquette is also believed to be based on her life and talents.  Sylvia Browne on the other hand, is a world-famous medium, who claims to have inherited her psychic powers from  an ancient spirit.  She once operated a center called Nirvana Foundation for Psychic Research, which folded up in the 80's, and after that she opened her own church, “Novus Spiritus”.  She has also participated in a number o high-profile police investigations, and has also written a number of books, among these include “Future Healing; A Psychic Reveals The Secrets To Good Health” and “Contacting Your Spirit Guide and Past Lives”.

John Edwards and Lisa Williams

John Edwards is a popular psychic TV personality and author.  He is well known for his TV shows “John Edward Cross Country” and “Crossing Over With John Edwards”.  In these programs, John shows his ability to communicate with the spirits of the departed. Lisa Williams on the other hand,  is a popular clairvoyant and medium, and she stars in the TV show “Lisa Williams: Life Among The Dead”.  In this program, Lisa investigates haunted houses, performs clairvoyant readings and connects with the souls of the dead.

Rosemary Altea And Colin Fry

Colin Fry is one of Great Britain's most popular mediums.  He has hosted a number of TV shows, among which are “Psychic Private Eyes”, Sixth Sense with Colin Fry” and “Most Haunted”. Rosemary on the other hand, is a popular psychic and author, who has appeared on various popular US and UK talk shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show and Larry King Live.

TV Psychic - Ghost Whisperer

Ghost Whisperer is based on famous psychic James Van Praagh's mediumship experiences. Melinda (played by Jennifer Love Hewitt) uses her psychic medium abilities to help spirits with their ‘unfinished business’ and to ‘pass over’.

After talking with some of our Psychics they believe Ghost Whisperer is one of the most accurate accounts of psychic mediumship they have seen on TV so far. Read about Psychic Jay's experiences as a real life Ghost Whisperer.

TV Psychic - Supernatural

Read about this brand new tv psychic series Supernatural.

Psychic TV - Sensing Murder

Read about this psychic detective murder investigation show that is currently showing in New Zealand. This real life psychic tv show Sensing Murder has been very popular.

Psychic TV - Dawson's Creek 17th Episode - Psychic Friends

‘Psychic Friends was in fact the 17th episode of an American primetime television drama series called Dawson's Creek.

Our psychics will happily answer any questions you have about these tv psychic and supernatural accounts.


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