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Ghost Whisperer

Ghost Whisperer

13/02/06 - Episode 10 - Melinda has to use her psychic medium powers to convince a ghost to stop haunting her husbands new fiancé, despite Melinda's own pangs of jealousy.

6/02/06 - Episode 9 - A ghost uses electronic devices as a medium to communicate with her son. This puts Melinda into psychic medium overload.

31/01/06 - Episode 8 - The ghost that attached itself to Melinda's husband was a sloth.

10/01/06 - Episode 7- Melinda used her psychic abilities to help a ghost convince her husband that her death was not his fault.

3/01/06 - Episode 6 - Melinda uses her psychic skills to reunite a son with his birthl mother and to make peace with his adopted mother.

27/12/05 - Episode 5 - Melinda uses her psychic powers to befriend a group of ‘lost boys before their building is pulled down and they become permanent ‘earth bound’ spirits.

20/12/05 - Episode 4 - Melinda uses her psychic abilities to convince a spirit to cross over and leave his wife so that she could move on with her life.

13/12/05 - Episode 3 - Psychic medium Melinda helped a spirit reveal her awful secret and to accept forgiveness from her still living twin sister.

6/12/05 - Episode 2 - Six year old boy Kenny had been killed in a train accident a year earlier Melinda reunites his ghost with his mother so he can say his last goodbyes.

30/11/05 - Episode 1 - Melinda helps the spirit of a Vietnam vet come to terms with his death and finally speak with his adult son.

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