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Ghost Whisperer

Episode 2

Six year old boy Kenny had been killed in a train accident a year earlier Melinda reunites his ghost with his mother so he can say his last goodbyes.

Questions answered:

Can children see ghosts?
Yes, some Spirits are even drawn to help or play with children, hence you often see children up to about age 3 playing in corners or talking or laughing to what appears to be a wall. I am not sure when we lose the ability to see spirits, angels, guides, etc…But social pressures tell us that it is ‘make believe’ and to forget about it.

Have you ever come across a spirit that doesn't know they're dead?
Through house clearings I have done as a psychic medium over the past 12 yrs I have met many spirits that have no idea they have died, these range from the 1800 right up to current. One experience was in Adelaide when I was in a car wrecking place with my boyfriend at the time and he wanted to buy some parts. We walked through the yard and I came across a Japanese guy 23yrs old who had a very sudden car crash and had no idea he had died. I had to explain this to him and show him his car to help him understand what had happened and where to go from here. He stayed with me for 2 weeks for comfort then passed over to his loved ones.

About 6 yrs ago I did a cleansing for a lady who owned a large colonial style house in Qld and inside there were 3 spirits but one was a lady from 1800's due to her dress. It turned out she had been attached to a trunk that the owner had, that had been passed down through generations. This poor lady had no idea why she kept moving as she hated moving hence why she caused chaos in any house that the owner of trunk lived. I had to find out from family after describing her to the members how she had died and explain to them why she was so disruptive. It turned out she was killed in an horse riding accident and that trunk was her prized possession when she was alive. So after explaining what had happened to her she then understood and asked if I could help her pass over to where she had to go, I did so and the family have never had anymore trouble in their homes and were very grateful.

Is it true that ghosts have no sense of time?
Yes, spirits have no idea of time, they relive their days as if it was normal and cant understand why we are in their homes or sometimes even where they are. They see the world how it was when they died if they haven't faced fact they have died yet, otherwise they see the world how we do and except for some places that have sentimental value and they go about their days with curiosity.

Can spirits affect electrical currents, e.g. the TV or use other ways to let relatives know they’re there?
I have experienced and heard of many, many stories of spirits affecting electrical goods, showing themselves in turned off TV's, moving items, hiding items (trust me this is very annoying, best place to look if this does happen seems to be the man hole, don’t ask why because I have no idea but that is where I seem to find things, he he) they can close and open doors, windows, cupboards etc.. they do this to show the person - hey I am here or they give a scent to a relative to let them know they are watching over them, this is usually the scent the relative best remembers them by.

For example when my father was alive my most remembered smell was grease and oil as he worked on machinery most of my life. When he passed we had a lot of issues to deal with and he came to me in one of the homes I lived in. Two minutes before he arrived I could smell him and it got me ready for what was going to come. Psychics call this psychic phenomenon clairsentience. My grandmother also leaves a scent when she is around of lavender. Probably because she always had lavender around her house so the lavender smell lets me know she is around.
Doing psychic medium work both on phone lines and house clearings etc.. if a past relative wants to let them know they are around they will issue me with a smell or if person is in the room they will fill the room with that smell, just to reassure the relative that I have connected with them.


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