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Psychic Abilities - Clairsentience

Clairsentience is a superphysical tool that is used by the psychics, and comes from the French word meaning “clear sensing” and was used popularly in the eighteenth century. It involves the psychic perception of smell, taste, touch, emotions and physical sensations that contribute to an overall psychic and intuitive impression.

Perceptions may be experienced internally or externally depending on the technique of the psychic the client chooses.

Clairsentience is used in conjunction with clairvoyance and clairaudience, and most people who are unaware experience it all the time. It is clearly linked to the intuition and gut feelings that one possesses.

Some scientists consider the word clairsentience as an archaic term, but it still continues to be used till today.

A Clairsentient Reader

"I have a feeling that he is a good person."

"I have a feeling that this will be a fun activity."

"I have a feeling that the exam will be easy."

Are we guilty of saying these words when we feel something different from a person, a thing, or an activity we see or will partake in? This kind of feeling is widely known as gut feel. Gut feel is a subjective feeling. It is not based on how a certain thing actually feels like how hot fire is, or how cold ice is. It is more of a person's intuition and perception. It can also be a person's common sense talking. How is gut feel related to psychics?

There is a psi power known as clairsentient. You might have encountered while searching for psychics the term clairvoyance or clairaudience. These psi powers mean to see clearly and to hear clearly respectively. Clairsentience holds the same definition as the first two psi powers in that it involves the use of the inner senses. It only differs in the sense that being clairsentient means a psychic is able to feel something in a deeper level and more sensitive manner than an ordinary person's gut feel. A good psychic is more accurate than the ordinary. They know when a feeling is something that is so strong that it is not their mind talking but the spirits from the higher realm. Unlike seeing or hearing clearly, clairsentient psychic feels the message that is being conveyed to them and interprets them through their intuition. A clairsentient psychic can also understand the energies around him by feeling it. It is said  that a clairsentient shares others feeling that when a person is happy or sad he sense it strong enough to actually feel it for himself. With a clairsentient understanding of someone's feeling, he can help heal the suffering of others by pointing out the possible cause.

Sensing something to happen is also an aspect of a clairsentient's ability. But unlike clairvoyance that allows the psychic to see what is to come, a clairsentient feels it. He is able to sense an event that is to come. Clairsentience may be a common psi power but it is not easy. In clairsentience, there is nothing a psychic can hear or see. He needs to be very sensitive to be able to accept the messages sent to him. With this kind of ability that clairsentient possesses, he might be the psychic that would understand your feelings most since he shares it with you. A psychic reading by a clairsentient will be based on your deeper feelings and desires. He will try to understand you not by what your aura looks like but by how it feels. Not by what words you say but by how it feels when you say it.  He can help you heal especially when you are in pain. A clairsentient more than knowing what your future is will try to figure out the present so that you can be better prepared on whatever the future holds.

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