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Ghost Whisperer

Episode 2

Psychic medium Melinda helps the spirit of a Vietnam vet come to terms with his death and finally speak with his adult son.

Questions answered:

Can you see the injuries a person has (like in ‘Sixth Sense’) or do the ghosts appear to you like they appear on Ghost Whisperer? This is why I find this particular show so amazing. So much of the content is exactly how spirits appear to me. No, as a psychic I have never seen a spirit with the injuries they have endured from there death. I see them exactly how they are remembered by there loved ones when they were still alive.

s there anything from the show you don’t agree with?
“People are haunted not houses.”

I disagree that people are haunted not buildings. My first experience as a psychic with ghosts was when I was seven and I would visit a friends place and play computer games on a friend’s computer (the old Amstrad, bet that brings back memories). Anyway Carl had a balcony inside his bedroom 6ft above the floor, as they are 16foot high ceilings. Anyway an old lady would watch us play on computer, as she was very interested in the technology, it was same with TV and anything else electrical as she died before electricity was a major part of everyday life.
When this family moved to new house, she did not go with them, therefore disproving the theory that houses are not’t haunted. Spirits are drawn to houses for a multitude of reasons.

One thing I have noticed and so have a few other mediums is that stagnant water attracts earth bound spirits, it is very common to find spirits in homes that line rivers and even the beach. There is no common sense reason why this would happen but there seems to be some sort of energy drawing them in, as it is common to find more than 1 spirit in these homes.
This is often not cause for alarm as most spirits are very kind hearted and are often there to assist or even warn you. I have come across a few spirits that are just there to comfort someone in times of trouble or heartache.


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