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EclipseAn astrologer preparing the horoscope uses ephemeris (a table giving the coordinates of a celestial body at a number of specific times during a given period) of houses to calculate the geocentric position of various celestial bodies such as the sun, moon, and planets at a given point of time. The diagram or the chart is a map of the heavenly bodies with earth  placed at the center. The map is framed by drawing angles between the planets and producing houses of different sizes.

The basic premise for casting a horoscope is the zodiac, which is the ecliptic path of the sun across the sky and the visible planets around it. The astrologers divide the ecliptic of 360 degrees into twelve equal arcs of 30 degrees each, called zodiac signs, starting with Aries at zero degree, which is the sun’s position at the March equinox. These zodiacal signs maintain their position-- aligned to the months and seasons. With this basic premise remaining intact, various cultures associate the signs with the mythical figures popular in their culture lore. The names of zodiac signs in Western astrology are based on Greek mythology.

How Do Horoscopes Give Guidance?

In psychic astrology, everyone is born under a sign. These signs are laid out on a chart called horoscope that helps in more accurate readings. Most are already familiar with their horoscopes but not all have used it to their advantage. The horoscope uses the astral alignment on the date of a person’s birth to give insight on his personality and future. A year is divided into 12 sectors and when a reading is based on these sectors then it is the more general approach. The horoscope is not limited on these sectors though. The horoscope can go as detailed as the person’s time of birth but the sectors make it easier for many to gain insight of their future. But how can a horoscope and these sectors help?

Let us start with gaining insight on one’s personality. Many take years to know their own strengths and weaknesses but a psychic can instantly give insights. They know the general attitude and outlook of someone just by how the planets and other celestial bodies are positioned during the time of his birth. Using the insights of horoscopes, one can easily use his strengths and weaknesses to his advantage. He can be confident with his decisions and how he interacts with others. Sometimes, the guidance of horoscopes is a mere confirmation of who a person is because more often than not, people want to hear their good points before they believe them.

Horoscopes can lead someone to the path that he should take. It is more of a push to the right direction. Many find it hard to know their purpose until the later years of their lives, which is often too late already. The horoscope can guide someone in fulfilling his purpose early in his life. Through reading the horoscope, a psychic can tell someone what he see in his future. Knowing on what aspect someone will excel at can stop someone from running around circles.

Reading the horoscope can also help in finding compatible individuals. Sometimes, two individuals just would not work. Not because there is fault on either but because they are just not meant to be. Fate always comes up when talking about love because love is written in the stars and the horoscope believes it. There are people who are meant to be lovers, friends, and colleagues. Some will not just work while some have instant spark. The horoscope can help in bringing two compatible signs together.

The guidance that the horoscope gives is very valuable especially if many would learn how to use it. If used as a form of advice then the horoscope can surely push someone to the place he is meant to be in. The bad thing comes when people use the horoscope as a decision-maker. The horoscope is not meant to be the ultimate source of answers. People should not use the horoscope when they have nothing else but it. The free and rational thinking of someone should always be intact to enjoy the guidance the horoscope gives.


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A true horoscope is a highly customized astrological document and its interpretation cannot be generalized.

  1. The astrologer converts the time and date of birth of the subject into Greenwich Mean Time, which in turn is translated into sidereal or astral time. The next step is to determine the location of all the important planets such as the sun and the moon with the help of ephemeris or tables.
  2. Next, the astrologer calculates the time difference between the actual birth time and the Greenwich Mean Time. This is the time where the planets at the time of birth would be visible above the horizon.
  3. Lastly the orbit of the planet at 360 degrees is divided by 12 to arrive at the houses. These houses, looking like pie-shaped pieces, represent the major activities of the subject’s life and his surroundings.

Zodiac SignsAccording to some astrologers, according to their numbers, these houses have some natural relation with the signs. Each house denotes the position of the astral body and how its influence will work at the moment for which the horoscope has been prepared.

Certain astrological terms associated with the horoscope are native, celestial sphere, plane of equator, plane of the ecliptic, plane of the horizon, zenith, Zodiac, ascendant, descendant, houses, and so on.

When the planets, signs and the houses are properly coordinated, the features of your astrological images become sharper and clearer. The first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is the ruler of the First House. Taurus, the second sign rules the Second House and so on with other signs of the zodiac around the orbit. Depending upon the time, date and place of birth, any of the twelve signs can visit a particular house and influence it with its traits. The House, not only imbibes the features of its ruling planet, but it also takes the traits of the planet visiting at a given time. While the zodiac sign of a person indicates his inner traits of his nature, the House reveals the traits and influences acquired from the outer world.

The astrological bodies create an impact on our lives, we invite you to read how they will effect you this week with a free horoscope.

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