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Compatibility Gemini and Scorpio


The Gemini and Scorpio compatibility is one of the most challenging combinations. It is described to be almost impossible to comprehend because of opposite predispositions; however once they get to use their differences to work together as a team, it can be one of the most fulfilling matches for love.
Both Gemini and Scorpio are curious individuals and it's this level of curiosity which drives them to be fascinated with each other- Gemini towards Scorpio's sense of mystery and intrigue and Scorpio towards Gemini's charm, fun and wit. Their natural instinct with one another is to explore each other to see whatever it is that make them tick. However as they go deeper into the relationship, serious issues will arise and without them creating a venue to communicate, this relationship will end as quickly as it started. Knowing each other in a deeper sense will pave a solid ground for this couple to work on. Both signs have to acknowledge that their partner have different aspects to their personality that they would have to live with.
In terms of relationship-building, Gemini are very open-minded individuals. They are versatile, very sociable, diplomatic and are generally well-liked by others that they keep a vast network of acquaintances. Gemini tend to take things lightly, including their personal relationship with their partner. Scorpio on the other hand, are known for their intensity and passion. They have a need for emotional connection and intimacy. Loyalty and devotion are what Scorpio can bring into the table. Unfortunately, Gemini does not share the same passion that Scorpio does, at least during the early part of the relationship. Gemini like to experiment and need a lot of time to analyze where the relationship is going before giving their commitment. The challenge is while Gemini leisurely takes their time to commit themselves, their outgoing personality often times give the impression that they are not in a relationship. This triggers Scorpio's jealousy and might be viewed as a form of betrayal.
Keep in mind that Scorpio are about intensity, they can be passionate about hate in the same way as they are passionate about love. They are can be quite vindictive and are hard to forgive. The best thing to do is for both signs to be transparent as possible, lay down all their cards on the table and find a solution for which they can compromise. Gemini have to recognize that Scorpio need reassurance of love and care. If they feel these toward their partner, they should utilize their gift of communication to convey their feelings. In the same manner, Scorpio have to acknowledge that like the Air that surrounds the Gemini, they value their freedom. They have to be patient in allowing their Gemini partner to build their confidence in the relationship, it may be a slow process but Gemini will get their eventually as long as they do not feel coerced.
Despite the differences Gemini and Scorpio have, they are a fun-loving couple and have a great sexual attraction. Additionally, freedom is something that these two signs value. Scorpio likes their privacy and any meddling into their personal space is enough to irritate them. Same goes with the free flowing Gemini who doesn't want to be forced into something they don't like. To have a successful relationship, these signs need to respect each other's privacy like they value their own. If they feel that they're starting to get into each other's nerves, the best thing to do is to back-off and give each other space.
The problem with Scorpio is that they tend to be pessimistic about life. They might have had bad experiences in the past that painted a negative picture of the world giving them the impression that bad things revolve around them. Gemini can influence them to be more open-minded and look at the brighter side of life. Coupled with the assurance of love and care, Gemini can introduce fun and positivism in Scorpio's life.
Communication is a key area that these signs have to enhance to maintain peace in the relationship. While this is one of Gemini's strong suit, it's the water-loo of the secretive Scorpio. With their gift of diplomacy, Gemini can help Scorpio to come out of their shell. The latter on the other hand have to learn to be more expressive to allow Gemini to appreciate where they're coming from. With transparency between these signs, they will begin to understand why their partner are acting in a certain way and will no longer go about with just feelings which might get the wrong end of their partner. Communication will help Gemini learn about Scorpio's fears and hesitations while Scorpio will begin to understand other sides of Gemini's personality making them feel less betrayed. As they get to understand one another, this couple should develop emotional maturity to allow them to come up with a give-and-take agreement to accommodate each other's needs. Once they get past their differences, they can be a great combination which incorporates intellect (Gemini) and emotions (Scorpio).


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