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Pet Horoscope

For most people rearing pets is not just a hobby or an opportunity to shower patronage or compassion on lower, under privileged species. It is their passion, an obsession, and an integral part of their thinking. They do not treat them as their keeps; they love them as their dear friends and companions, their real, reliable and trustworthy partners in their joys and sorrows-- substitutes for their siblings, sons, daughters and lovers.

The pets, especially dogs return this love with full measure of their unadulterated, unflinching and pure affection, gratitude and loyalty.
It is, therefore, but natural for the pet owners to be as concerned about the well being of their pets as they are about their own welfare. Therefore the services provided by the psychics in form of the pet horoscopes are only too welcome.

Pets have emotions, sentiments and feelings. They feel sick, depressed, or, happy like human beings. They also feel the pull and the power of the moon, the sun and other planets. After all the influence radiated by these stars and planet encompasses every living creature and is not restricted just to human beings. They sometimes suffer from certain mysterious physical and emotional problems that the vets do not understand.

There are psychics who take care of the extraordinary pet problems. These psychics are known as pet psychics, animal psychics or animal whisperers. They cast their horoscopes on the basis of the date and time of their birth, draw figures and diagrams, make calculations and use their intuition to interpret the pet horoscopes. 

Like human being, animals too fall under twelve zodic signs. Their habits, movements, health and other traits are governed by the position of their ruling planets at the time of their birth.

Aries 21st March - 20th April

Pets bearing the sign of Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac love to be leaders and   welcome the challenges. Aries pets are physically energetic and active and have a capacity for long walks and exercises. Since they love challenges, they are more prone to be injured due to accidents.

Taurus 21st April - 21st May

 Pets under this sign are strong, determined and silent. They love to be fed and led by their masters and feel secure and comfortable in obeying him

Gemini 22nd May  - 21st June

Gemini pet is a restless breed. He is a talented creature. He is adept at communicating his intentions. He is very charming creature and soon gets all the family to love him.

Cancer 22nd June - 23rd July

Cancer pets are outgoing types, ready to jump into water at first sight. They are very adaptive and easily settle in new homes and love their masters.

Leo 24th July - 23rd August

Leo pet is a king who sees himself as cut above the rest, loves to rule and dominate over what he considers his lesser species. He has the intelligence to manipulate his master to his way of living.

Virgo 24th August - 23rd September

Virgo pet is a joy to keep and domesticate, as he is very easily manageable. He is a pet in the real sense of the word. He can be a real friend and companion as he obeys his master willingly and feels very happy serving and helping him.

Libra 24th September - 23rd October

Libra is very hardworking and obedient pet, always willing to learn and earn the love of his master. His ‘say ‘is respected in the family. He does not like any other pet to stay with him in the same family.

Scorpio 24th October - 22nd November

Scorpio pet usually has silky furs, but hides a great strength of character under the soft skin. Strangely enough his tail is more capable of expressing his feelings than any other pet. This pet has a great sense of self-esteem.

Sagittarius 23rd November - 21st December

Sagittarius is a healthier breed than most other pets of his breed. Therefore he needs to be kept under leash to be kept out of harm’s way.

Capricorn 22nd December - 20th January

Capricorn pet is an ambitious and intelligent species. He can immediately assess the traits of any person he sees and no amount of coaxing and cajoling can fool him. He is reserved and extremely diplomatic. He can make for a good pet.

Aquarius 21st January - 19th February

Aquarius pet is very intelligent and can quickly smell the truth about every thing and unearth it.

Pisces 20th February - 20th March

Pisces are water-loving pets. They love to live on the ships and walk by the seashores and they also love to eat fish.


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