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The dog is a lovely creature and is gifted with certain great qualities of head and heart that include intelligence, love, loyalty and faithfulness. Many people keep dogs as pets and treat them like their family members.

Like their masters, dogs too have wisdom, feelings and emotions. They also encounter health problems. Sometimes, their mental and physical problems affect their normal behaviour and make them appear strange and mysterious. These symptoms worry their masters and baffle the vets and other experts. It is in such situations that a dog psychic steps in. A dog psychic possesses experience, expertise and intuition to accurately understand the problems of the dogs and comes up with successful solutions.

It may so happen that you find your dog extremely happy, flitting about you, licking your hands or just scampering about here and there on a particular day; the next day he suddenly becomes morose, lethargic and irresponsive to your calls and overtures. He obstinately refuses to eat his dinner or drink despite much cajoling and coaxing. This stubborn refusal continues another two or three days.

You feel baffled at the sudden behavioural change for no ostensible reason and no amount of head raking can provide any lead about what it is trying to convey. Defeated in all your attempts to figure out the situation you take it to the vet who tries to explain away the malady as some physiological manifestation and disposes you off with some prescriptions. Yet a solution defies you.

Frustrated you talk to the dog psychic. He asks you a few searching questions, or, does not ask any question at all. He sits silently for a few moments, shakes or nods his head and then suddenly his eyes brighten up and he tells tell you that yesterday he was trying to remind you of the approaching birthday of your son the next day, or maybe its own. Quite possibly you had provided him with a special treat or taken him out on a jaunt on the same day last year.

Yesterday he might be remembering the previous year’s celebrations and feeling excited about the expected repeat of the same this time too. He might, in this way, be trying to remind you not to ignore him this time too. Today, you could not celebrate the birthday due to reasons beyond your control, or just forgot to attend to him with the same zest as before due to some other preoccupation. You had forgotten how you had attended to him the previous year. That might have saddened him resulting in this inexplicable attitude. The dog psychic suggests a way out and the normalcy returns again.

The dog psychic is not only an expert on the psychic or psychological side of the dog’s problems. Quite often he can trace the causes to physiological imbalances too.

For example, in the above situation, the dog might be suffering from some sudden obstruction in his urinary tracts and the vet may not have been able to correctly diagnose it. The dog psychic has the intuition to figure out the problems. He is blessed with the third eye that can see through the dog’s bladder and locate the afflicting obstruction.

The dog does not show this abnormal behavior just once or twice in the whole year. The same inexplicable attitude may confuse you quite often. You may overdo or under do little things or make well-intended changes just to make him more comfortable. But the dog does not respond on predictable lines.

Certain future happenings, of which you cannot be aware, may prove detrimental to his well-being. If you keep in touch with your dog psychic about its day to day life, he will make sure that the untoward situations are warded off well in time and both your and your favourite dog always live happily together.

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