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Psychic Abilities - Intuition

Although psychics across the world manifest various abilities, there is one psychic ability that is the hall mark of every psychic and that is intuition.

What is Intuition?

Intuition is a kind of inner wisdom which springs up on its own whenever its need occurs. It is not created by any rational effort of the mind. It is our inner voice of wisdom which tries to express itself at every turn of events. It is an unfailing pointer towards truth which works for our well being and security.

Intuition has been given several names such as gut feeling, hunch, sixth sense and so on. It appears like a flash on our mind’s screen. It comes as a call from our spirit to act in a certain manner. It forewarns us if anything goes amiss in our scheme of things. It is a kind of benign guard that blows his whistle to put us on the right path whenever we tend to lose it. It, therefore, works for our health, happiness and survival.

Intuition may manifest itself in the language of silence, metaphor or imagery and goad us to pay attention to it, try to understand it and be guided by it rather than by conventional wisdom. It is the voice of divine nature itself that tries to protect us whenever we tend to make any mistake.

Psychics utilise their intuition to provide Psychic Readings

The difference between an ordinary person and a psychic is that an ordinary person usually tends to ignore his intuition in favor of common sense so that in course of time it stops manifesting itself clearly.

A psychic on the other hand is a super sensitive soul. He understands the  importance of intuition. He has attuned his inner ears to listen to it clearly and go by its signals. He can figure out its nuances. In course of time his intuition starts working, as it were, at his back and call. It speaks in clear language like the one which we use and hear in our day to day life.

Some psychics are born with superfine intuitive powers.  They either inherit this faculty from their parents or grand parents, or, they keep evolving it in every incarnation.

Accomplished psychics of this category do not have to make any effort to cultivate their intuitive ability. It is always there with them as a sixth sense.

This is the reason why when ever you ask an accomplished psychic any question, you get an accurate answer. The psychic does not have to go into trance or even meditate. He just answers our question as naturally and effortlessly as we talk with our friends and colleagues. The only difference between our answer and that of a psychic is that while we speak out with common sense, a psychic expresses the language of his intuition.

A psychic’s intuition can encompass continents, space and time. It can hear the truth. It can spot the falsehood and distinguish between the right and the wrong.

A psychic uses his intuition primarily for the well being of his clients or subjects. If you keep an active contact with your psychic, you may be warned well in advance of any sickness or accident that you are likely to encounter in near future.

Even though you may not be able to avoid what is predestined, you are not taken off guards. You can be mentally prepared to face the inevitable with confidence. Most psychics not only warn you but also suggest measures to secure you against such possibilities.

If you are seeing strange dreams, feeling uneasy without any ostensible reason or having unusual inexpressible sensations, it is better to contact your psychic in person or online. He will use his intuition to   interpret your dreams, give an intelligible expression to your vague feelings and counsel you to take precautions in order to avoid unhappy situation.

As mentioned above, common people quite often experience flashes of intuition, but they cannot derive any substantial benefit from them.

Intuition was probably the single most reliable source of information and empowerment for the people who lived close to raw, pure and unpredictable nature in the early days of human existence when the process of advancement of civilization and culture had not started.

People made it a point to listen to the inner voices, visions and sensations, flashes of information, warnings or forebodings whenever they occurred to them whether in normal or abnormal circumstances. In fact, they kept their inner eyes and ears perpetually attuned and focussed on their intuitive faculties since there were no other reliable sources of information and guidance. Paying attention to inner powers was a necessity for survival. And their intuitions often came true.

Ask any psychologist or psychic and they will tell you that our intuitive faculties become overactive during the periods of stress, anxiety and tensions. This was especially witnessed by countless examples of people having intuitive knowledge of what was about to happen during the World War II. People in olden times tried to remain intensely aware of their inner and outer worlds.

With the passage of time and advent of education, people started relying more on logic and ‘common sense’. They progressively stopped paying heed to intuition and a time has now come when intuition has become almost a ‘scarce commodity’. Nonetheless, it visits more frequently with greater clarity and reliability to those who care to pay attention to it or sincerely wish to develop it.

There are broadly two types of people who are more intuitive than most others.

First type of people are those who inherit this ability from their parents, generally mothers and grandmothers—probably because women are more sensitive and emotional and, therefore, more intuitive. There are still others in this category, who are born intuitive, clairvoyant or clairsentient. They are blessed with finer intuition as an act of some karmic attainment.

Second type of people comprises those who remain deeply engaged and focussed on problem solving activities. They are found in every sphere of human activity. They may be doctors, engineers, computer experts, psychics or space scientists. Or, they may be craftsmen, drivers, artisans, mechanics, plumbers, cobblers, masons, butchers or herdsmen.

It does not matter whether you are engaged in respectable or menial jobs, professions or trades. What is important is that you should be deeply engrossed and involved in your activity.

As mentioned earlier, one of classes of professionals who are engaged in problem solving are psychics. They belong to both of the above mentioned categories, i.e., some psychics are born with intuition and insight while others develop it through sustained  practice, dedication, diligence and hard work.

 Intuition with seasoned psychics becomes their second nature, a kind of reflex action.
They don’t have to ponder or meditate over an issue or problem to resolve it.  Solution occurs to them intuitively like a flash of lightening, as it were   the moment they are confronted with a problem.



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