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Psychic Carol and Her Spirit Guide

Although Spirit Guides surround Clairvoyant Carol, there is only one that has stayed around her since she was very young, a Roman Gladiator, providing psychic guidance and support whenever she needs it the most. She is also able to see other people’s Spirit Guides, and is able to communicate with them, transmitting messages to and from them.

Clairvoyant Carol and her first Psychic Experience

Clairvoyant Carol, like most other psychics, had a psychic experience when she was very young. Her experience consisted of a huge black cat that came to her in the middle of the night. It told her that her destiny had already been foretold, she was destined to a life of helping others in need. Since her destiny already foretold this, Clairvoyant Carol could do nothing but accept it.

One of her more prominent supernatural experiences was when she visited Portugal. She was transported back in time to the 18th Century, where she witnessed a street fight where there was a lot of killing. She was seventeen at the time, and the city was very different from what it is now. Carol stayed in 18th Century Portugal for half an hour, not knowing how it happened to her, or even how she came back.

Talents Psychic Carol Possesses

Carol's psychic readings testimonial

Please read some of the amazing feedback that Carol receives fro her psychic reading clients.

I had a 30 minute reading with Carol and I was blown away with her accuracy. She seems extremely wise and gifted. She was spot on with her descriptions of certain situations. She not only gave me advice but told the truth and made everything clear. She was also precise about my situation without me having to explain a single thing. Her energy and aura are both Amazing and She really helped me.
~ ZD

OMG!! I love this lady...I didn't even have to say anything about me… She said everything…only spoke to her once...But I thought she was amazing.
~ Maria

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Carol for the multiple readings she has done for me in the past. Carol has picked up on non-obvious facts and emotions that other readers in the past have failed to pick up on. She has previously given me estimated time-frames for events to happen and has been almost spot-on about them! She is one of the few readers whose accuracy I totally trust. This aside she will not sugar-coat what she sees - she gives the truth but gives it with compassion and support!! 5 stars!
~ Christine

Unique in psychic talent enabling clients to understand the future, even though predicted can be changed by the individual. She is honest and straight forward with no guessing. Will warn of future problems to either prepare or change her clients destiny.
~ Nicholas

We implore you to get in contact with Clairvoyant Carol, and assurance is at the top of the list as you will receive value for your money. Carol is a very spiritual person, guaranteeing you that she will be there for every step of your transition into a better being.

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