Are You Over Your Ex?

Even if you have finally called it quits, it’s still quite difficult to validate and really say you are 100% over your last relationship. Find out with this love quiz if you have finally bounced back to normal life after a failed relationship or not.

How long ago did the break up occur?
a. A month or less.
b. A month to a year ago.
c. More than a year ago.
d. It seems like centuries or longer.

What do you do if you hear your ex's favourite song playing?
a. Just burst into tears at the first note.
b. Change the channel right away or just turn your player off.
c. Stay in tuned, listen to the song and even try to sing along without getting bothered because you personally loved this song long before you met him.
d. You totally forgot you even have a song together.
How often have you even thought about your ex lately?
a. Like all the time. Sometimes you just want to shut your eyes to stop this.
b. Every once in a while. When there’s a special occasion or a very specific detail comes up which reminds you of him.
c. Not anymore. Thinking of him comes once in a blue moon.
d . I have an ex? You need an expert hypnotist to take you back to the past and make you remember he is even a part of it.
Who ended the relationship?
a. He ended it. You tried to talk some sense out of him and even begged him to reconsider but he called it quits anyway.
b. You just kind of drifted away, stopped talking and as the cliché goes, you just grew apart.
c. It was pretty much what you both wanted to happen for quite a while now. The decision is definitely mutual.
d. You ended it! You should’ve done it a long time ago but you just didn’t have the heart to tell him. Good riddance!

What is your first reaction when a cute guy asks you out on a date?
a. You immediately go nostalgic about the happy times you had with your ex. You totally forgot someone is asking you out.
b. You give him your sweetest smile and politely say no thanks. Maybe next time.
c. You say yes but try to keep it casual first like going out for coffee instead of a romantic dinner date.
d. You immediately say yes before the question is even finished! Getting back into the dating scene is top priority.

You run into your ex in the most unexpected time and place. What do you initially feel?
a. Crazy butterflies in your stomach are wildly fluttering around and your excitement is to the extreme.
b. You feel a little bit nervous and awkward at the same time.
c. You think it’s real nice to see him but that’s just it. It feels like bumping into an old friend or acquaintance.
d. You feel relieved seeing him and finally realizing you’re way much better off without him.

How often do you talk about your ex with your friends?
a. Like all the time. He is your topic from start to finish. No fail!
b. Every once and a while. Only when you are talking about crazy plans or cathartic moments when you feel like bashing your exes in a grand moment of massive vengeance. Girl power!
c. Not anymore. Your friends bring up the topic not you.
c. You can’t even remember the time he pops into your mind when you are with your friends.
    What would you feel if you saw your ex with someone new?
    a. Jealous, hurt and wrecked.
    b. A bit uncomfortable and feel a little pinch of jealousy.
    c. Awkward and uncomfortable but the scenario is fine with you.
    d. You are totally okay with it and you might even say hi.
What would you do if you saw a picture of your ex in your drawer?
a. Cry your eyes out.
b. Get nostalgic and put it back to in case you’d get back together.
c. Hide it where you would never see it again.
d.Throw it in the trash bin but keep the picture frame.
Do you still check what’s going on in your ex’s life?
a. All the time.
b. Most of the time.
c. Rarely.
d. Never.
Getting over your ex is quite tricky especially if you have been in the relationship for a very long time. More than just breaking up and putting an end to what used to be, you need to find the truth if you are truly and genuinely over your ex. Clinging to the past keeps you from finding a healthy and great relationship you truly deserve.

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