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Omens of Saturn

omens of saturnAn omen is sign that something is going to happen. On a national scale omens can indicate disasters that indicate the will of gods.

Omens are mysterious signs associated with the stars and planets indicating the shape of things to come. Since time immemorial various omens have been associated with Saturn.

Saturn is the star of the sun. Its position and its movement around the sun send significant messages in the form of omens. Saturn wields significant influence when some changes take place around the sun. It was felt in the ancient times that when a halo surrounded the sun, there would be heavy rains.

When the Saturn entered the Moon, this omen indicated that a kingdom of Truth would be established. Every body would speak the truth. There would a reign of welfare, peace and prosperity everywhere in the world.
When a planet changed its color opposite the moon while the Saturn had entered it, lions would die, cattle would be murdered and the traffic of the land would come to halt. The change of color probably meant the apparent dimming in the brightness.

When the sun stood in the place of the moon, the omen indicated that the king of the land would be secure on his throne and he would dispense the law with justice.

The nature of omens occurring in the life a person depends upon their zodiac sign and the nature and personality of its ruling planet.

The best way to understand the Omens of Saturn is to learn about his nature and personality by going back to period of Roman history and mythology when the deity ruled the Roman Empire.

Saturn is considered one of the most ancient gods of the Roman pantheon. He influenced the history of the country through multifarious roles and functions.

He is regarded as the god of growth, affluence, agriculture, wealth and emancipation. He is known to have enforced order, discipline and the rule of law by eliminating the elements of chaos and confusion. His rule is known as the golden period of peace and prosperity.

It is said that once the Saturn drew near to the Moon. The omen was interpreted as lucky for the king because the sun is the star of the king and Saturn is the star of the sun.

It was also believed that when the sun reached its zenith and went forward, it was an omen that the reign of all-powerful king would last very long. When a halo surrounded the sun in the morning, the omen indicated a month of heavy rains and floods. So this omen was a warning to the king and also the people to be aware of the coming deluge.

When the Saturn stood within the halo that surrounded the moon, the omen indicated that there would lots of robberies. Also, when the Mars reached Saturn, there would be famine and the cattle would die. Since Saturn was the star of the kingdom of Akkad, it was a lucky omen both for the king and the people.

Romans celebrated Saturn’s age by holding a festival, Saturnalia. The festivities started on December 17 and continued up to 23 of the month. Both the state and the subjects took a break from all the business activities and duties. It was marked by a carnival atmosphere.

All military operations and executions were suspended. Large public feasts were held in an atmosphere of general bonhomie. People visited each other and exchanged gifts and presents.

 The festival was particularly important for slaves as they were not only set free during the period of celebrations, but were accorded the privilege to share the table with the royal family.

Saturn, like other planets, radiates his influence, which appears in form of different omens as it moves around the sun or enters various astrological houses.

The Effect of Saturn’s Transit in Your Life

To gain insight on the effect of Saturn’s transit, you must take note of your date of birth and on what planet or point it falls down. When your natal point is a personal planet like Mars, Venus, or Mercury or a personal point  like  the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, you will be feel the effect of Saturn’s transit more intensely and more personal.

In general, the effect of Saturn’s transit will make you think and reassess your life as it makes life feels a little slower. Some also refer to Saturn’s transit as the cycle of maturity though this is not easily achieved. The transit of Saturn will challenge you to face the truth of your everyday life that when handled well will bring wisdom and later on freedom from whatever problem you are carrying. Important decisions are also usually made in Saturn’s transit because of the feeling of a slower pace that forces you to live in the present.

Decisions made during the transit can make you gain inner strength especially if you are able to make right and sound choices.
For some, the transit of Saturn makes them steer away from the bustle of their fast-paced life and choose to conserve energy instead. The transit of Saturn can also cause some unwanted delays and bothersome events. These may not be a big deal but may cause frustrations. The transit can also cause some negative effect on people’s emotions. They may feel alone and unwanted. If this is the kind of effect the transit of Saturn will have on you, just make sure you do not push others away. Keep in mind that whatever negative thing you are feeling towards others may only be a temporary thing and a mere misunderstood impression.

The transit of Saturn usually lasts for months so the best way to use it to your advantage is to realize the pattern of its effect. There are days that seem slow then there are days that seem difficult. It is essential to use the better days to make significant decisions, to work hard for a greater goal, and to realize the more important things in life while the negative days must be used to think and reassess your way of handling stress and other things that do not go your way. The transit of Saturn teaches you to gain balance and a grip in your life.

There are so many lessons that the transit of Saturn can give. One of which is acceptance. You must learn to accept that life has its ups and downs. You cannot have everything going your way. You must learn to deal with the challenges and hone your skills to eventually emerge as a better person. Use the transit of Saturn to build a stronger foundation in your life to prepare yourself for more obstacles that will comes your way. It is all about gaining the maturity and confidence that you will not be consumed by any sort of problem in the future.


Omens of Saturn are visible primarily during two periods


1. The omens appear during the astrological age of Saturn when he rules the entire planet and casts shadows on the elements of nature and thereby on the conditions of the people.

There are heavy rains, storms, earthquakes and upheavals, which in turn, influence the state of agriculture, the general health and social and financial conditions of the people.

The age of Saturn is marked by civil liberties, egalitarianism and free speech. People, by and large, enjoy abundance and prosperity.  Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy. Since Saturn is the god of agriculture, the era experiences abundant rains and the granaries overflow with agricultural produce of various types. People do not experience scarcities or famines.

2. The omens of Saturn manifest their influence on the nature of the people, who are born from December 22 to January 19 under the zodiac sign of Capricorn with goat as its symbol. Saturnians or the Capricorns are quiet, pragmatic, goal oriented and hardworking people.


There are two types of goat people. The first type is symbolized by mountain goat and the other by garden goat.

The mountain goat keeps its head and eyes grounded to the earth. It is not easily swayed by needless emotions and sentimentalities. Since it is progressive and hardworking, it continues to raise its benchmarks for success.

The garden goat, however, loves fun and happiness, but within the confines of its domain- garden- where it resides and works. She is not ambitious like her mountain counterpart.

Nonetheless, both types of goats are hardworking, non-combative, patient, dedicated and perseverant.

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