Is He Cheating on You? Online test

Whether you are in a serious relationship like marriage or just starting up a romance, cheating is a sure breaker and dissolver of all types of affair. If you have a hunch that he is playing with fire, take this quiz to somehow give a light on your suspicion. Why suffer in silent doubt if you could confirm his infidelity or discard it for good?

1. Is your boyfriend satisfied with your relationship?
a. You don't know.
b. Maybe 50/50 or so.
c. Probably not.
d. 100% satisfied and happy!

9. What do you think he does when he is with his friends?
a. Go to the pub and/or go to a strip club.
b. Go to the club and have a drink or two, but that’s just about it.
c. Stay home and watch sports/movies on TV, have drinks or tinker their cars.
2. Does your boyfriend have girl friends, or female acquaintances?
a.Yes, and they are all unknown to you.
b. If he does, he's never mentioned them.
c. He does, but you only know a few of them.
d. Yes, but you know all of them.
10. Do you trust your boyfriend?
a. I guess so. But there is still a pinch of doubt or suspicion in my mind.
b. I definitely do not! That’s ridiculous.
c. Yes! With all my heart and soul
3. Does your boyfriend check out other girls even if you’re around?
a. All the time, it's even useless to complain anymore.
b. Never.
c. Every now and then.
11. Does your boyfriend immediately close his Facebook or MySpace if you are around?
a. Of course! You are still trying hard to hack his account but the darn privacy protection features are just hard to crack.
b. Sometimes. And he actually looks over his shoulders to double check if you’re looking or not.
c. Never. It’s not possible because you are open about Facebook or MySpace accounts.
4. Have you caught your boyfriend receive mysterious texts or calls?
a. All the time! He dismisses all questions about them and insists it’s none of your business
b.A few times but he would say they are all wrong numbers.
c. Yes, and he's quick to explain/ make up a story about them.
d. No. You’re pretty sure he would tell you if he got any.

12. What were your boyfriend’s past relationships like?
a. He only goes for serious and long term commitments.
b. Nothing you can really call real relationships. He’s got a lot of one night stands and flings.
c. All you knew is that he had a few girlfriends. None of those relationships actually lasted long.

5. Is your boyfriend always within your reach when you call?
a. He seems to live in a remote island with no power source most of the time.
b. Not all the time. Sometimes his phone has service issues. Or so he says.
c. Of course! And he always answers when you call.

13. Did your guy cheat on any of his past relationships?
a. I’m not sure, or he doesn’t speak about it.
b. Never! He has always been a one-woman type of guy.
c. He admitted he cheated on one or two.
d. Practically all of them.

6. Does he go out and not invite you to tag along?
a. All the time! It has become a normal scenario in your relationship.
b. Sometimes. Especially if he wants to forget our fight.
c. Never! It’s either we go out together or just snuggle up at home.

14. Has your boyfriend ever accused you of being a cheater?
a. Sometimes he jokingly tells you but never quite serious.
b. Of course! Thinkers are doers, right?
c. He would never do that or even think about the possibility of you cheating him.
7. What do you feel if you would leave him behind for a weekend with your family?
a. Totally nervous. If the cat is away, the mouse will play. That’s what’s playing in your mind over and over again.
b. A bit uneasy about the setup but hopefully nothing foolish happens.
c. Sad that you will be apart for a day or two but you trust him so there’s no issue about cheating here.
15. Have you actually heard rumours that your boyfriend is cheating on you?
a. You heard a few but nothing came out of it as far as you remember.
b. Nope! And you wouldn’t believe it anyway.
c. You hear about it all the time you’re getting used to it already.

8. How serious do you think your relationship is?
a. Seriously dysfunctional you mean?
b. The relationship is still pretty casual and you are not in the position to say anything.
c. Pretty much serious. You are both completely committed to each other and you know deep in your hearts that you are soul mates.

Cheating on someone you are in a relationship with is the concrete manifestation of the lack of love and commitment to what you have as a couple. Without fidelity, there could never be trust and without trust, love would easily and eventually wither. You deserve someone who can fully and completely give his heart to you. Don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t.

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