Are You More Than Just Friends? Online Test

There is undoubtedly a thin line between love and friendship. Take this quiz to find out if your friend meter is going overboard and has entered the love realm.

1. How long have you two been friends?
a. a. You have been friends since for a few months or longer. You actually have made great memories and bonding time together.
b. Just a week ago. You are still in the getting to know stage right now..
c. A very long time. You have actually been friends for as long as you remember.

6. All your other friends think that:
a. Some of them think you two are doing great as friends and there could be a possibility of love while some think maybe it’s not a good idea being more than that. Who would want to ruin such as great friendship with a love thing?
b. Don’t even think about mentioning the “love” word into the friendship. It is not just a terrible idea. You are surely going to break your heart from the hands of a friend.
Enough wasting time already! It’s the perfect moment to get together and cross the just-friends line. After all, you two look great together!
2. If your friend is with his/her friends, what is his/her initial reaction?
a. Just nods or awkwardly smiles at you but continues with his/her chat and conversation with friends.
b. Barely looks up at you and do not really know that you are in existence at that moment.
c. Runs over where you are, say hi and strike a conversation or two even when his/her friends are waiting up.
7. What is the initial reaction from your friend if you tell him/her someone asked you out on a date?
a. Tells you it’s totally fine but somehow you feel there’s an inch of not finding the idea of you seeing someone as an okay situation to deal with.
b. Instantly approves the idea without a blink of an eye. He/she genuinely sees you as a friend and giving you dating advice is even more of his initial reaction.
c. Subtly tells you maybe it’s not a good idea at all. He/she does everything in their power to stop this dating from happening and sometimes for some reason you don’t totally understand.
3. You are having a terrible day and informed your friend about it. What does he/she do right away?
a. Sends you a text message with some encouragement and a brief “good night” and “see you later” after that.
b. Shrugs the topic off and change the subject as soon as possible.
c. Comes over in a flash with a funny DVD movie in his/her hand and popcorn.
8. When your friend tells you they are going out on a date, what do you instantly feel?
a. Awkward and uneasy but you’ll get through it sooner than when the date is finally over.
b. Totally psyched and excited about the idea. You don’t really mind if you friend is going out with someone. You could even lend a dating tip or two.
c. Crazily jealous, hurt and betrayed. How can he/she do this to you? What happened to your pact of loyalty till the end?
4. How is your status or interaction in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace?
a. He/she appears in your wall every now and then or only if there are urgent questions or comments to air out.
b.You are actually not friends in social networks or he/she can’t be found.
c. Your wall is flooded with cute notes or posts or you get tweets and direct messages from him/her as often as he/she can send them.

9. What was the latest sort of compliment he/she gave you?
a. You’re the coolest.
b. Nice sweater.
c. You have the most beautiful smile in the room.

5. If he/she gives you a ride home with some of your friends in the car, what do they usually do?
a. Gives you a quick glance, waves goodbye and asks the rest of the gang who’s next?
b. Doesn’t even heard you say thanks for the ride because he’s too busy chatting with the group..
c. Makes sure he brings you home last. After all, you just got to save the best friend for last.

10. If your friend accidentally holds your hand, what do you feel?
a. Awkward in the best kind of way.
b. Nothing.
c. Like the moment stopped and you could hear your heart pounding in your chest.

If you feel that there is more to what you have than just being friends, it just might be worth a try. Love and friendship are too closely related to the point of confusing one to the other. Find out the signs if you are both ready to take your friendship to a much higher plane in love and romance.


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