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Tarot Card Book

The contents of a tarot card book, as the name suggests, provide information on tarots and how they are used to predict the future of a person.

A tarot card set consists of 78 cards. Each card bears a symbolic picture. These cards are further divided into two categories. One is the standard deck which comprises of 22 cards called the major arcane or trumps. The other type, the minor or the pip cards is four sets of cards with each set having 14 cards.

The tarot card book may also suggest how the cards can be used for imaginative visualization, meditation, and divination about the day-to-day practical problems of the seekers. They also help to understand the nature and personality of the questioners.

A tarot card book may also explain the origin of the tarot cards detailing various theories. For example, tarot cards were used by ancient Egyptians, gypsies, and also the people of Northern Italy in the mid fifteenth century.

Though the number of tarot cards remains the same, their symbols and pictures have been designed differently by different artists. Each artist lends his own individual perspective to the design and its significance. There are innumerable themes around which the tarot card decks have been designed. These themes correspond to various interests ranging from baseball to voodoo. A tarot card book may explain how to creatively formulate the themes and also how to design the cards accordingly.

A tarot card books also details the sources from which tarot card decks can be purchased.

A good tarot card book contains a comprehensive glossary explaining  the typical terms and also names of the symbols and how to interpret them in given situations. It also provides guidance to a layman to select his own deck of tarot cards in view of his individual interests, since there are hundreds of decks in the market. A tarot book also provides useful tips to the beginners about the decks such as Universal Waite, Hanson-Roberts, Sharman-Caselli, or Tarot of Prague such that they can be easily understood by the readers.


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