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The dictionary defines spirituality, as “Spirit is an incorporeal entity-a non-quantifiable energy that is present in all living beings. The spirit develops and grows as an integral aspect of the living being”. Spirituality, therefore, can be explained as a qualification or an attachment to things of the spirit.

Since spirit is an incorporeal, non-quantifiable energy, therefore the concept and experience of spirituality is too subtle and elusive to be clearly explained in terms of normal day-to-day human vocabulary, which has limited connotations, implications and accurate nuances of expression.

The words spirit and spirituality have multiple usages and implications. In one way it is an intense Leeper self of a living being. Spirit defines the personal quality of the human being in whose body it resides. Therefore, the spirituality of a person represents his beliefs, his faith, his values, his religiousness, in the sense when we say a person ‘ religiously’ adheres to or follows a particular way of life. Spirituality, therefore, is a characteristic of a spirit and defines qualitatively how a living being lives its life. The spirituality of the dog defines his religious faithfulness to his master.

We say he made a ‘spirited’ approach. Or, though his body is dead, his ‘spirit’ is still alive. Extended further, the indomitable spirit refuses to die. It continues to live and appear as a ghost (in good sense) determined to perform a mission. It, therefore, hovers over an environment and permeates it with a palpable influence. It even has an astral form and contours similar to its physical body in the previous birth. Its spirituality lies in acting according to the nature of its spirit in the previous birth. It can be a kindly guiding spirit. It can also be a demonical and revengeful one.

The study of spirituality, because of its unique and indefinable nature comes within the domain of metaphysical matters as against the perusal of concrete and analytical subjects of natural sciences like Physics and Chemistry. The study and practice of spirituality therefore falls within the domain of psychics.

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