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Tarot Card Interpretation

Tarot cards have evolved through time and have changed suits in order to cater to the needs of the people making use of it. And because of its rich history and different known origins there are many kinds of tarot cards known such as major arcana, suits of wands, cups, swords and coins. All these different sets of tarot cards represent different meanings.

The art of tarot card interpretations takes time and a lot of intensive practice to be able to perfect the craft. However, we can still try to find out the meaning of each card and their interpretations. Starting with the most common type of tarot card, the major arcana have twenty one faces starting with the fool. This card stands for beginnings in different aspects of life, it can be an unexpected event or change, or it may represent a journey. In tarot readings, there is not just a positive side but a corresponding advice in this case a fool card shows that the person is prone to rash actions, doing things on impulse, also to be wary about making commitments.

The magician means strong characters of the self and worldly things. The person knows his strengths, has the power to communicate and make conversation. It signifies confusion and indecisiveness. This card represents a person who is not sure how to make use of his talent. He is uninspired and lacks drive and motivation to pursue something, having very low self-esteem.

In the suit of wands, they also have a sort of a fool but this one they call an ace of wands. It also represents something new, in search of new things or projects. It signifies fertility, masculinity, something being born or conceived. On the reverse it means impotence, infertility, or irrational desire for something. If this card turns up on women seeking a card reading this usually means problems with the opposite sex, the male gender.

It should be noted that not all meanings should be interpreted as is. Every card reader as well as those seeking card readings should parallel the readings according to their present situation. Once again, everyone seeking a reading should have an open mind and must understand the real essence of a tarot card reading. If one is skeptical, chances are they will never appreciate what the readings may offer.

Experts say there are many ways of learning how to interpret tarot cards but no matter how or what technique you employ in learning the craft you should keep in mind that tarot cards have general interpretations, it is not specific in order to associate this with your present situation. These readings can be just a reading of your present state or of a future venture that you need to prepare or consider wisely.  Like we already know the meaning of the fool, and when you get this card it can mean something new is coming your way, or it can mean you are being rash about something you need to decide on.


There are many people who are fascinated with tarot cards and although some claim it to have supernatural powers, it is really just a card with meanings that people have associated with whatever situations they are in. While there may be a force that leads you to seek a reading and the readings happen to be significant, some believe that a tarot card is just a tarot card; mystical and romantic though it may be.  Just as I mentioned in my previous article, tarot card attracts many people for the mystery that it represents, not to mention the drama and romance of having your fortune read or your inner thoughts and real self revealed.

Learning how to interpret tarot cards involves many preparations, one can't just buy a tarot card and read it or make-up meanings that are not relevant. To start you off, you need to have a deck of tarot cards, a clean scarf or a nice piece of cloth that you can lay your cards on and wrap it when you're done; make sure to keep the cards for about a week in a place where you can be near it anytime. This is to form a bond between you and the card. You can slip it under your pillow or just beside you when you go to sleep. There is something about the reader making a connection with his card to make accurate readings.

Learning the tarot card interpretation is not an easy task, it takes time and practice but you need not memorize all the meanings just the one's that you are using, they are pretty basic. You read the meaning and try to associate it with the person you are reading the card to. When making a reading one has to listen to what is being asked carefully, meditate on the question and then shuffle the cards.  Ask the person to cut the deck of cards and then deal and spread it, usually by using four cards first. Examine the first card, the position is very critical it can be upside-down which is positive or reversed whose meaning is negative. Each card has a positive and negative meaning.

In major arcana there are 21 cards each having a different meaning. You can study their meanings and practice how you can associate these cards to the person you reading the card to. The cards give out vague meanings, not specific answers to specific questions. So it is important to try to concentrate on the questions that have been asked and remember to associate it with the card. Sometimes, the reading may not have any bearing at all due to their present state but it can also be a warning or an advice on something that is just about to happen. Tarot card interpretations can be based solely on what the card reveals but once you have learned the craft you can make your own reading by making them personal and not literal interpretations, often times the person with the help of the card will reveal themselves to you.



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