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Tasmanian Psychic Readings

We offer genuine and honest psychic reading over the phone for all clients from Tassie!

Credit Card Readings

dial 1800 732 337, $2.50/min, 15 minutes minimum $37.50.
Please have your credit card details ready.

Australian Phone Charge

Call the Psychic Line and charge the call to your phone line.
1900 999 252 for $2.97/min.


Psychic readings, what are they and what can they do to help out? 

If you are one of those who keep on asking these things, heads up! You are about to find out.

Phone Psychic for InsightPsychic reading is a general term used to describe the wide variety of readings being performed by psychics all over the world.  Psychics are gifted people who have the ability known as ESP or extra sensorial abilities that can be used to foretell events, get another perspective of negative events in the past, communicate with spirits, and read one’s future.  Psychic readings could be in the form of personal interaction, online, telephone, palm, and aura readings.

Psychics can help out people using their readings. 

People who are in need of information to guide their decision making can consult psychics first, to know if they are headed in the right direction.  People who might need healing can also get psychic readings to know more about what happened.  In sudden and traumatic events it is difficult to really see things in actuality.  There might be things which are not clear and psychics can help remove the cloudiness. People in need of advice, a new perspective, or guidance can consult psychics just to achieve these things.

Anybody can consult psychics nowadays and consultations can be about any topic. 

Those in the early 20’s and 30’s could have difficulties in choosing between career and love.  And those who are already in the peak of their careers might ask about how they would fair if they do decide to have one or two.  Those in their 40’s might be interested in how they can do more for their families both financially and emotionally.  Health and marriage life might also be other things they would focus on.  Those in their 60’s until 80’s might want to know about how to deal living in retirement homes, depression, more health concerns, and dealing with death issues.

Not only will psychic readings help in the areas mentioned above.  They too will help you know more about yourself, know where you can improve, and know the strengths and weaknesses within you. 

Meeting with a psychic to get psychic readings for the first time can be a bit overwhelming at first. 

One needs to be open and prepared to receive both good and bad news regarding one’s life.  Instead of focusing on the negative things, one should remain positive and think about what to do.  Psychic readings are the things seen by the psychic based on one’s current actions and mind set.  This means that if one changes some parts of their selves, there is still a chance for those things to be reversed.  Thus, good can turn to bad and bad can turn to good things.  The message therefore is not to stay complacent.  Work to retain the good things in the reading, and change the negative things that might lead to the bad things.  The psychics only give the information.  The people they give it to must make a decision to whether follow that information or not.



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