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How To Be Able To Tell What Star Sign You Are

Your birthdate tells you what your sign is, all you have to do is just work it out. Let's just say that your birthday was on April 3rd, you will then have to find out what sign falls on that month and on that time. If you were born on April 3rd, your sign would be Aries which makes you an Arian. Remembering that Aries falls from 21st of March until the 29th of April.

Traditional Astrological Dates

image: Aries Symbol

"Aries the Ram"
21 Mar - 19 Apr (30 day span)

image: Taurus Symbol

"Taurus the Bull"
20 Apr - 20 May (31 day span)

image: Gemini Symbol

"Gemini the Twins"
21 May - 20 Jun (31day span)

image: Cancer Symbol

"Cancer the Crab"
21 Jun - 22 Jul (32 day span)

image: Leo Symbol

"Leo the Lion"
23 Jul - 22 Aug (31 day span)

image: Virgo Symbol

"Virgo the Virgin"
23 Aug - 22 Sep (31 day span)

image: Libra Symbol

"Libra the Scales"
23 Sep - 22 Oct (30 day span)

image: Scorpio Symbol

"Scorpio the Scorpion or the Eagle"
23 Oct - 21 Nov (30 day span)

image: Sagittarius Symbol

"Sagittarius the Archer"
22 Nov - 21 Dec (30 day span)

image: Capricorn Symbol

"Capricorn the Goat"
22 Dec - 19 Jan (29 day span)

image: Aquarius Symbol

"Aquarius the Water Bearer"
20 Jan - 18 Feb (30 day span)

image: Pisces Symbol

"Pisces the Fish"
19 Feb - 20 Mar [(30-31 day span) depends if it's a leap year]

The astrological bodies create an impact on our lives, we invite you to read how they will effect you this week with a free horoscope.


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